About Me

Over the years I have grown to love teaching students and working with them to become successful.

Personal Life:

Growing up I lived in a little town known as Shrewsbury, where nothing really happened and was a quiet little town. Much of my family all grew up togther and lived within miles of each other. Having a family this close meant so much to me and still does. I have two older sisters and one younger brother. With one of the youngest in my family I used to get picked on, but I learned to stick up for myself.

In my spare time, I do photography on the side. I enjoy taking pictures of nature as well as doing portraits. I also enjoy spending time with my family riding four wheelers on the family farm. When it comes to the holiday's we have much of the family over and enjoy seeing each other and having a great time riding around and having fun. Finally, I enjoy spending time at my local fire company where I volunteer. There I am in charge of our local carnival, which I have enjoyed being a part of since I was young.

Educational Career:

- Graduated from Susquehannock High School in 2014

- Graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2019

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that as a teacher, our students should have the upmost respect for teachers, but at the same time teachers need to respect their students. With reepect from one another, we can togther achieve academically and enjoy the time that we have together to learn. Students will make mistakes and I will be there to guide them and help them with what they need. It is my goal each year to have students achieve their goals for the year and in life lead to bigger and better places and dreams.