Freshmen College Prep English

Freshmen College Prep Weekly Syllabus

Tuesday, February 1

  • Due: Pg. 75 Question
  • Grade Homework
  • Discuss Act I
  • Romeo Poem

Homework: Write a Sonnet from either Juliet or Romeos point of view about the other.  This should be the characters feelings after the party.

Wednesday, February 2

  • Due: Sonnets (Sonnet Session Read Your Sonnet For Extra Credit)
  • Readers Theatre Act I, Scene 5
  • View Film Act I, Scene 1

Homework: Read Act II, Scene I

Thursday, February 3

  • View Act I (Film)
  • Shakespeare PowerNotes

Homework: None!

Friday, February 4

  •  View Modern Film Version of Act I

Homework: Read The: Legendary Act II, Scene 2     

Monday, February 7

  • Seating Chart
  • Act II, Scene 2 reading quiz
  • Finish Act I of Romeo and Juliet Modern Film

Act I Films Study Question (At least 11 sentences)

Which film version of Romeo and Juliet do you think was more effective in demostrating the play.  Use at least 3 specific examples to support your opinion.

Homework: Act I Film Study Question

Tuesday, February 8

  •  Hand Back Work (Progress Report Grade)
  • Grade and Discuss Homework
  • Act II, Scene 2 (Reader's Theatre)

Homework: Respond to the "For The Next Scene" Question on Pg. 98 in at least 7 Sentences and Read Act II, Scene 3 Due: Tomorrow

Wednesday, February 9

  • Grade and Discuss Homework
  • Continue In-Class Reading of Act II, Scene 2
  • Shakespeare PowerNotes

Homework: Review Act II, Scene 3

Thursday, February 10

  • Respond to the "For the next scene" Question on Pg. 107 of Romeo and Juliet in at least 7 sentences

Homework: Read Romeo and Juliet Act II, Scene 4

Monday, February 14

  • Respond to questions 1,2,5,6 and "For the next scene..." question on page 122 of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Must have at least 5 sentences for each question
  • Due: at end of period

Homework: Read Act II, Scene 5

Tuesday, February 15

  • Grade For the next scene questions Act II, Scene 4
  • Discuss Reading
  • Shakespeare PowerNotes

Homework: Read Act II, Scene 6

Wednesday, February 16

  • Grade Pg. 122 class work from Monday
  • Discuss Act II
  • Shakespeare PowerNotes Continued

Homework: Study For Act II, Test

Thursday, February 17

  • Romeo and Juliet Act II Test
  • Grade Test

Homework: For the next scene question pg. 139: Choose 3 of the bullet questions and answer each in at least 3 complete sentences. Due: Tomorrow

Friday, February 18

  • Return Red Romeo and Juliet
  • Due: For the next scene pg. 139
  • View Film Version of Romeo and Juliet Act II

Homework: Who do you think is most at fault so far for the eventual tragedy? At least 7 sentences.

Tuesday, February 22

  • Grade and Discuss homework  
  • Finish Act II, Film
  • Shakespeare PowerNotes

Homework: None

Wednesday, February 23

  • Shakespeare PowerNotes
  • Read Act III, Scene 1 in-class

Homework: Finish Act III, Scene 1

Thursday, February 24

  • Act III, Scene 1 Reading Quiz
  • Go over Scene 1
  • Anwer C, D, E, in at least 2 sentences Pg. 754 & 758

Homework: Read Act III, Scene 2

Friday, February 25

  • Correct C,D,E Questions
  • Discuss Act III, Scene 2

Homework: Read Act III, Scene 3 & Answer Questions A-D in at least 2 sentences each

Monday February 28

  • Correct A-D Questions
  • Discuss Act III, Scene 3
  • Begin Act III, Scene 4

Homework: Read Act III, Scene 4-5

Tuesday, March 1

  • Act III, Scene 4-5 Reading Quiz
  • Group Translations of Scenes 4-5
  • Begin Performing Translations tomorrow

Homework: Work on Translations

Wednesday, March 2

  • Finish Group Translations
  • Act III, Study Question Pg. 782 # 11 in at least 7 sentences.

Homework: Act III, Study Question/Type up the amount of translation scripts you need

Thursday, March 3

  • Due: Act III, Study Question 
  • Translation Group Performances
  • Turn in your Group Script
  • Study For Act III, Test tomorrow

Homework: Study for Act III Test

Friday, March 4

  • Act III Test
  • Grade Test
  • Continue Act III Film

Homework: Read Act IV Scene 1

Monday, March 7

  • Grade Act III, Test
  • Act IV, Scene 1 Discussion
  • Finish Act III Film

Homework: Read Act IV, Scene 2-3

Tuesday, March 8

  • Finish Act III, Film
  • Act IV, Scenes 2-3 Reading Quiz/Discussion
  • Discuss Scene Questions at bottom

Homework: Finish Act IV of Romeo and Juliet

Wednesday, March 9

  • Act IV Class Discussion Questions
  • Vocabulary development (805) Inverted Sentences

Homework: Act IV Study Questions: Anwer questions 5,6,8 in at least 5 complete sentences each/Study for test on tomorrow

Thursday, March 10

  • Due: Act IV Study Questions
  • Act IV Test

Homework: Read Act V Scene 1 and anwer questions A,B,C with at least 2 sentences per/response

Monday, March 14

  • Due: Act V, Scene 1 A,B,C, Questions (Correct and Discuss)
  • Correct Act IV Test
  • View Act IV Film

Homework: Read Act V, Scene 2 and until Romeo's Death Scene 3, Line 120

Tuesday, March 15

  • Discuss Reading
  • Continue Reading R&J

Homework: Finish Romeo and Juliet

Wednesday, March 16

  • End of Play Questions
  • Prepare For Test
  • View Act V

Homework: Study For Act V Test

Thursday, March 17

  • Act V Romeo and Juliet Test
  • Correct Test

Homework: None

Friday, March 18

  • View Romeo and Juliet
  • Rome and Juliet Essay Due: Wednesday March 30th

Prompt: Explain the role that fate plays in Romeo and Juliet.

-Must be typed, double-spaced, at least 4 paragraphs and 400 words,with at least 3 cited quotes.

  • You may create your own prompt and answer it.  Make sure that you write the prompt at the top of your essay if you create your own. 
  • Or you can also write an alternate ending either in narrative or play form.

Homework: Romeo and Juliet Essay

Tuesday, March 29

  • Romeo and Juliet Essay due: Thursday
  • Finish Modern Film
  • Sub Tomorrow

Homework: Continue Working on Romeo and Juliet Essay

Wednesday, March 30

  • Read Lit. Book silently Pages 310-318 "The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind"
  • Answer Questions 1-10 in at least 3 sentences each (Vocabulary 4-8 only need True or False responses)
  • Due: At end of period

Homework: Finish Romeo and Juliet Essay due: tomorrow

Thursday, March 31

  • Due: Romeo and Juliet Essay
  • Author's Chair Romeo and Juliet Essay (30 pts Extra Credit to read)
  • Finish Film
  • Film comparison Quick Write (11 sent or more)   Prompt: Compare and contrast the two film versions of Romeo and Juliet in terms of which one you liked better and why.  Make sure to give two examples from the films two support your opinion.
  • Homework: Film Comparison Quick Write Due: tomorrow

Friday, April 1st

  • Finish Author's Chair
  • Due: Film Comparison Quick Write (Grade and Discuss)
  • Grade  Classwork from Short Story "The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind"

Homework: Quick Write (At least 2 paragraphs of 7 sentences each) Prompt: Think of a big decision that high school students might face. What are the possible consequences--either positive or negative--of this decision? Would these consequences have lasting effects? Write down your thoughts.  Be sure to give examples to support your opinions.

Monday, April 4th

  • Read Silently Pages 208-218 "Initiation" By Silvia Plath
  • Answer Questions 1-10 in at least 3 sentences each (Vocabulary Questions 5-9 only need one word answers)

Homework: Big Decision Quick Write

Tuesday, April 5th

Due: Big Decision Quick Write

  • Grade "The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind" Class work  
  • Author's Chair (Read Quick Write for 5 pts extra credit)
  • Grade Quick Write (50 pts)

Homework: None!!!

Wednesday, April 6th

  • Grade and Discuss "Initiation" Work
  • STAR Prep
  • Warriner's Handbook

Homework: Warriner's Handbook Pgs. 7-14 due: tomorrow

Thursday, April 7th

  • Grade Warriner's H.B. 7-14
  • STAR Practice

Homework: Warriner's H.B. 15-20

Friday, April 8th

Due: Warriner's H.B. 15-20


Homework: Get a good nights sleep on Sunday, eat a healthy breakfast on Monday and come in prepared to do your best!!!

Monday, April 11th


  • Warm Up Writing
  • Preparing To Read "American History"
  • Begin Reading American History

Homework: None

Tuesday, April 12th


  • Warm Up Writing
  • Preparing To Read "American History"
  • Begin Reading American History

Homework: None

Wednesday, April 13th

  • Read "American History"
  • Answer Questions at the bottom A-D in at least 3 sentences each

Homework: Finish A-D Questions due: tomorrow

Thursday, April 14

Due: "American History" A-D Questions

  • Grade/Discuss A-D Questions
  • Continue Reading Story
  • Anwer Questions E-G in at least 3 sentences each

Homework: E-G Questions

Friday, April 15

Due: "American History" E-G Questions

  • Grade/Discuss E-G Questions
  • Finish "American History"
  • Applying Your Skills Pg. 153 Answer Questions 1,2,3,6,7, in at least 3 sentences each/ Pg. 154 Vocabulary Answer Questions 1-8 Due: Monday

Homework: Applying Your Skills/ "American History" Test on Monday

Monday, April 18

Due: Applying Your Skills "American History"

  • "American History" Open Book Test
  • Grade Test

Homework: Select Topic for I-SEACH Paper due: Tomorrow on a half sheet of paper

Tuesday, April 19

  • Topic Selection Verbal
  • Grade Test
  • I-SEARCH Handouts
  • Go over Proposal

Homework: Begin working on Proposal

Wednesday, April 20

  • Go over the I-Seach Project
  • Write Way Packet Handouts (MLA Format)
  • Grade Test
  • Applying Your Skills "American History"

Homework: Continue Working on Proposal (Begin getting your sources)

Thursday, April 21

  • Go over the Write Way Packet Part 1 (MLA Format)
  • Grade Test
  • Fragments PowerNotes

Homework: Continue Working on Proposal and getting sources (you can bring in sources any time to see if they are credible)

Friday, April 22

  • Final Topic and research question selection 
  • Grade Applying Your Skills "American History"
  • Go over I-SEARCH Rough Draft Example
  • Fragment PowerNotes and Practice

Homework: Finish I-SEARCH Proposal in MLA Format

Tuesday, April 26

Due: I-SEARCH Proposal (Read Page 1 for extra credit)

  • Go over MLA I-SEARCH Outline Example
  • Cornell notes
  • Begin Outlining First Paragraph

Homework: First Paragraph Outline Typed or in Blue/Black Ink Due: Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 27

Due: MLA Introduction Paragraph Outline (20 pts)

  • Website Evaluation Handout
  • Works Cited Page (Documenting Sources)
  • Begin Working on 1st Body Paragraph Outline

Homework: Work on Outline/Reading Sources/Interview  DON'T WAIT!!!

Thursday, April 28

  • S.E.E. Format Go over for outline and paper
  • Parenthetical Citations (MLA)

Homework: Continue working on Outline and reading sources/interview....

Friday, April 29

  • Anwer Questions about Outline
  • Bring All I-SEARCH Stuff Monday to work on it

Homework: Continue working on Outline and reading sources/interview...

Monday, May 2

  • Work on Outline Body Search Process Paragraphs
  • Parenthetical Citation

Homework: Paragraph 1st Body Paragraph Outlined Due: Tomorrow

Tuesday, May 3

Due: Outline of 1st Body Paragraph (Grade)

  • Write Way Packet 2
  • Work on Outline

Homework: Body Paragraph 2 of outline

Wednesday, May 4

Due: Body Paragraph 2 of outline (Grade)

  • Discuss Body Paragraphs "What I Learned"
  • Continue Film

Homework: 1st "What I Learned" Body Paragraph Outlined

Thursday, May 5

Happy Cinco De Mayo (Go Watch The Special Performance By The DLG At Lunch!!!!!)

  • Due: What I Learned First Par. Outline
  • Continue Film

Homework: Finish Typed MLA Outline Due: Tomorrow

Friday, May 6

Due: MLA I-SEARCH Outline

  • Write Way Packet 2
  • Continue Film

Homework: Begin Working On Writing Paper Due: Thursday 5/12

Monday, May 9

  • Write Way Packet 2
  • Finish Freedom Writers
  • Fragment Notes

Homework: Continue Working on Draft 1 Due: Thursday Typed and Complete

Tuesday, May 10

  • Demonstration
  • Write Way Packet 2 Continued
  • Finish Freedom Writers

Homework: Continue Working on Draft 1 Due: Thursday Typed and Complete

Wednesday, May 11

  • Write Way Packet 2 Continued
  • Review Grasso's Draft 1
  • Fragment PowerNotes and Practice

Homework: Finish Draft 1 For Peer Review

Thursday, May 12

Due: MLA Typed Draft 1 I-SEARCH Project

  • Peer Review/Edit: You will have 2 people edit your paper
  • Fragment Notes and Practice Continued

Homework: Work on Final Draft due: Monday and Presentations

Friday, May 13

  • Discuss Presentations 

Homework: Final Draft Due: Monday    Final Draft plus Rough Draft plus Peer Edit Sheets all due.

Monday, May 16

Due: Final Draft I-SEARCH Staple in order:  

1. Final Draft, 

2. Rough Draft and    

3. 2 Rubric Sheets.


Homework: Work on Presentations

Tuesday, May 17


Homework: Work on Presentations

Wednesday, May 18

  • I-SEARCH Presentations Day 3

Homework: Work on Presentations

Thursday, May 19

  • I-SEARCH Presentations Day 4

Homework: Finish Presentations

Friday, May 20

  • I-SEARCH Presentations Day 5

Homework: Finish Presentations