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Mental Maths

Mental Maths Questions

The first ten minutes of each lesson is spent learning and practicing strategies to assist in solving mathematical problems in our heads, as opposed to using a written method.  Below are a number of questions that are representative of those we look at, and of those that appear in end of year tests.  If you want to give a friend or your child practice at mental mathematics, use these questions or tweak the numbers to create your own mental maths test!

Allow 5 seconds for a response after you have read the question out twice. 

1.                   Subtract forty three from ninety.

2.                 Round three thousand seven hundred and forty eight to the nearest ten.

3.                 How many minutes are there in three hours?

4.                 How many ml are there in 7.21 litres?

5.                 What is the square root of 121?

6.                 What is the square of 13?

7.                 How many mm are there in 2.5m? 

Allow 10 seconds for a response after you have read the question out twice. 

8.                 What are the properties of an isosceles triangle?

9.                 Multiply 17 by 8

10.              What is three quarters of 60?

11.               When you multiply me by 6 I become 120.  What number am I?

12.              Halve 8.4

13.              6 x 900

14.              What is 240 divided by 6?

15.              Sweets cost 15p each, how many can I buy with a £1 coin?

16.              198 + 247

17.              7 x 99 

Allow 15 seconds for a response after you have read the question out twice. 

18.              John buys eight sweets that cost 25p.  How much change will he receive from a £5 note?

19.              What fraction has the same value as 0.4?

20.            Add together 7, 5 and 8 and divide the answer by 4.

21.              Write two factors of 24 that added together make 11.

22.            8 sweets cost 64p.  How much do 5 sweets cost?

23.            How many lots of 33p are in £5?

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