Persuasive writing sentence starters

Example of a persuasive letter

Dear Sir,

In my opinion, children at primary school do not need a playtime.

The most important reason for this is that playtimes waste work time. The children need to spend more time on their English or Maths. No-one could argue with the importance of these subjects and the more time spent by children practising them, the better.

In addition to this, playtimes are too dangerous. Little children get knocked over by bigger children and get hit by balls. Indeed, research shows that most injuries to children at school happen during playtime.

Finally, some people may think that teachers welcome playtimes. However, in reality they are bad for teachers. Many are too old to run around and are unable to benefit exercising in the playground. Also, those on duty miss out on having a cup of tea and a chat with other teachers.

Therefore, I believe it would be best if playtimes were banned.

Yours faithfully

Horace Nofun



 Connectives for adding.....

and      moreover       too 

as well as       also 

Connectives for sequencing….

before    next    first    after    then 

second      third      meanwhile 

 eventually      firstly

Connectives for emphasising...

above all     especially    indeed

notably     in particular   


Connectives for comparing….

likewise      similarly 

in the same way      like 

equally      as with

Connectives for cause and effect…..

so     because      therefore      thus 


Connectives for qualifying……

however      unless       although  

as long as       if        except

Connectives for illustrating…..

for example    such as    in the case of

for instance    as revealed by

Connectives for contrasting…..

whereas     otherwise  

    instead   unlike 

alternatively  on the other hand



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