Autumn Term

Autumn Term

This term in 6N our main topic is looking at World War Two. During the autumn term as part of the World War Two topic we will going to watch a theatre production of Carrie's War in London on Thursday 10th September. We will also be looking at other texts set during the Second World War in our literacy as well as well known war poetry.

As part of our Numeracy focus we will be looking at place value, ordering and rounding numbers. We will also be looking at properties of numbers by working out number sequences. We willa also spend time looking at various pencil and paper procedures at working out number problems and which is the most efficient depending on the numbers that we are dealing with.

As part of our science topic this term we will be focussing on changing state and reversible and irreversible changes. We will be spending time looking at How We See in the second half of the term focussing on light and how that impacts on us and our day to day lives.

In Geography this term we are learning about Rivers and river systems around the world. We will also be looking at human impact on rivers and how they are used and utilized. This will include a trip to Dapdune Wharf, Guildford where the children will take part in a series of workshops to inform them of the workings and importance of rivers.

Year 6 will be looking at spreadsheets and multimedia presentations in their ICT topic this term and in PSCHE they will be looking at 'new beginnings', 'local democracy' and being involved in a community.

In art the children will be exposed to the work of Clarice Cliff and the children will produce printing work based on the designs and inspiration of her work. In DT the childre will be taking part in the Young Engineer project. This is where a local construction company come into school and spend some time with the children on a building project.

As part of the RE focus this term, the children will be looking at the Trinity, key celebrations and general beleif systems about God and Jesus.

As part of the PE focus this term, the children will be taking part in gymnastic and dance activities using the river topic as a stimulus. The children will also be taking part in net and wall games which will use tennis as the main focus.

In music, the children will be exploring rounds and sound sources.