Carrie's War Reviews

On Thursday 10th September, Year 6 travelled to the Apollo Theatre in London to see the play "Carrie's War".  Here are some reviews we wrote about the play......

Carrie’s War is about a young girl who gets sent away as an evacuee. Carrie and her brother Nick make lots of new friends and one horrible enemy their demeaning guardian Mr Evans, but in the end he seemed quite nice. Their friends live at Druid’s Bottom where the screaming skull lives with a scary story to its name. Carrie did something terrible and will never forget seeing the tragedy

The play was set in two different times: the first nowadays and the second 1940s, where she dreams about herself as a young girl.  I personally enjoyed the part at the end where she finds everyone survived her terrible mistake.  I identified most with Albert. He is a little moany lonely muttering-to-himself type of boy but tries to make others happy.  I think there could have been more actors in the play because I could tell that one actor was playing two characters.     Tommy.C

On Thursday 10 September I went to the Apollo Theatre in London with my class to see Carries War.   I thought it was a lovely story and it kept me entertained from start to finish.   The story was about Carrie and her brother Nick who are evacuated to a small village in Wales during the Second World War.  They stay with  Mr Evans who is a bully and his kind sister who they call "Auntie Lou".   Carrie and Nick make friends with another young evacuee Albert Sandwich, who is staying with Mr Evans' other sister, Mrs. Gotobed who is very sick and dying . Mrs Gotobed's housekeeper, Hepzibah who the children also made friends with tells the children about a curse on the family which concerns a skull kept in the library.  
At the end Carrie went back to the village 30 years later with her son.   The play made me feel sad at times and some parts were funny.     It was a geat day.
Sam Virgo 


Carrie’s War is about a young girl who gets sent away as an evacuee. Carrie and her brother Nick make lots of new friends and one horrible enemy their demeaning guardian Mr Evans. Their friends live at Druid’s Bottom where the screaming skull lives with a scary story to its name. Carrie does something terrible and she will never forgive herself for doing it.

The play was set in two different times the first nowadays and the second 1940s where she dreams about herself as a young girl.

I personally enjoyed the part where Hepzibah tells the scary story about the screaming skull!

I identified most with Carrie. She is a little bossy but tries to make others happy, a little like me.

I think there could have been more actors in the play because I could tell that one actor was playing two characters.

Maya Flew

The story is about a sister and brother called Carrie and Nick who are evacuated in WWII.  A kind lady called Auntie Lou takes them in.  Unfortunately the children meet Auntie Lou's unfriendly brother Mr Evans.  Along the way, Carrie and Nick meet new people like Albert Sandwich and Mr Jonney. I liked the whole play because it was adventurous and mysterious.  I would not change a thing about it.

Joshua Glendenning 

Carrie’s War is a good theatre production because of the good actors and the dazzling costumes.

Also the way the actors projected their voices. Carrie’s War is about a girl called Carrie and her brother Nick. They were evacuated to the country and end up living with Mr Evans and Auntie Lou, and get into all sorts of trouble along the way.

I would recommend it to 7+ and would be great for next year’s year 6.

Issy Allan

Carrie’s War is a story that takes place over two time periods. It starts in modern time but the main story takes place in World War 2 England. Carrie tells the story of her experiences as an evacuee in 1939 to her young son.  During the war Carrie and her brother Nick were sent to the country from London to get away from the bombings. They were adopted by a nice lady and her mean brother.  I enjoyed everything about the play but I loved the set ups and the way that the acting was very realistic. My favourite character was Mr Johnny, the gardener because he was funny and a very good actor. He had to pretend he had a disability.   I don’t think there was anything that could have been done to make the play better, I would love to see it again. 

Gemma Heslop                                                                                                            

Carrie’s War was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave us an insight into an evacuee’s time being sent away from home and being picked like vegetables in a market by the people in the village. Being picked last must have been horrible. All the characters were played outstandingly well, especially Nick & the sad old Mr. Evans who I found rather amusing when he clicked his teeth. They all used the stage very well. I think that I am like Albert Sandwich (but not as dorky) because he seemed to be nice and quite clever.  My favourite part was when the house was on fire because the lights made it look very effective and real. The worst part was when Carrie and Nick had to be evacuated and had to say goodbye to their mother. If I could make the performance any better I would have some more stage sets instead of just the one.  

Oliver Simmonds

I enjoyed Carries war as it was an old story and most of us will not read the book, yet they will watch the play!!! This is a funny yet moving production. Most of us were sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation. The characters are funny and very in role. I was gripping my friends when the scary bits were on. I would defiantly go and see it again. The story described every detail of what happened to Carrie. Although the journey took ages, it was worth it.Overall I give this play a humongous10/10.

Georgina Smith

Carries war is a very unusual play but it is lovely and touching. It is about a girl (Carrie) and her brother (Nick);They get evacuated to a horrible man called Mr. Edward.When it came up to Christmas they had to get a goose (for the Christmas dinner) from a nearby farm. Mr. Edward's sister lived there but they hated each other. She was very old and had a cook to look after her. As Carrie and Nick came down the path they heard something weird like breathing. Suddenly some one came. It was already dark so they couldn’t really see what it was. Carrie and Nick started screaming and running away, so did the creature. Because of all the noise the cook came out of the house to investigate. The lady was friendly, she calmed them down. She said that it was only the famer Mr. Jonny. She fetched a boy to get them the goose, as soon as they saw him they knew who he was!  The guy who sat next to them on the train. He was called Albert Sandwich.

They all had dinner together, and then the cook told them a story. It was called the Screaming scull. An American child was kidnapped by women. When they were nearly half way back then the child stated crying. The women gave the child everything that a child could ask for, but it still kept on crying. They asked why he was still crying and he said, “I want to go home!!” So the women promised that one day they would take him back home for good. They lived in this house, but after a while the boy got a very terrible illness and new he would die. So he cursed this house because he thought that they lied to him, that they would never take him back. The curse says if you ever dare take his skull outside of the house the walls would fall into dust.  

Once someone took his skull outside and all the glass shattered so as quickly as she could run she got the skull back inside, since then no one has taken his skull outside. After settling into there new home Mrs. Gotobed died (Mr. Edwards sister) so everything went to Mr.Edward. He would send Mr. Jonny to a mad house and take all the goods!! So that wouldn’t happen Carrie secretly threw the scull into he endless horse pound. Then Nick came with the news that they would be going back home the next day!! On the train back home they saw the house was on fire! Carrie thought she had killed every one. 

30 years later as she comes back to see the ruins she finds that everything is all right. EVERYONE HAD SURVIVED!!!!!!!  

Laura Neuhaus

A thrilling story of two children and their friends who get evacuated in world war II, seen through eyes of Carrie thirty years after the event.  Carrie and Nick get picked last by a mean man called Mr Evans who only wants Carrie but Mr Evens daughter aunty Lou takes both of them.The friend that they meet called Albert gets taken by a woman called Hepzibah who is looking after the sister of Mr Evans when she dies Mr Evans steals the will and takes the house, so Carrie does a terrible thing. 

I thought that it was acted well by the whole cast but Nick was the best because he was funny and always hungry .The best part of the play was the big fight - it had good action in it and it was hilarious .I would definintely go and see it again.

Kit Nelson  

The play was about a girl and boy, Carrie and Nick that were evacuees in World War 2.  They were taken in by Mr and Mrs Evans who owned a nice house, but neither Carrie or Nick like Mr Evans.  Another evacuee, Albert Sandwich, was taken in by another lady who lived with Mr Johnny and Mrs Gotobed.

 The play begins in the present day with Carrie as an adult, taking her son to the house to which she was evacuated.  The sight of the house forced such vivid memories of the past into Carrie’s mind, that she had to turn back.  The play then continues set in war time, as we discover her adventures as an evacuee.    We all experienced a variety of emotions during the play. They were happy times, sad times and exiting times, which helped keep our interest. I thought Carrie was the most interesting character because she kept changing her mind about liking people or not. For example she didn’t like Mr Johnny or Mr Evans to start with, but then she liked them a bit towards the end. 

The best thing about the play to me was when Carrie threw the skull into the pond, because I liked the plonk noise it made when the skull hit the water.

Verity Preston

The thing I enjoyed most about carries war was when Mr Evans kept making that funny clicking noise with his teeth, when Nick kept saying “I’m hungry” and when the way they set up the stage.

The thing I think they could of improved on was maybe speaking a bit louder, or using microphones because you could hear them but they were quite quiet.

Carrie’s war was based in world war two and now, because Carrie was telling the story to her son and then she had a flashback to when she was an evacuee in world war two.

I thing it was a great performance because it was good, and funny, but at the same taught you about what it would have been like in world war two, and what it would have been like to be an evacuee.

Overall I think it was a great performance, I definitely want to see it again!

Libby Mariott

On the 10th of September we went on a school trip to London, to see a well known theatre act called Carrie’s war, as we were studying World War II. Carrie’s War was very enjoyable; here is a brief description of the story :  

The story is about a young girl called Carrie and her brother, Nick, who are evacuated to a Welsh mining town. Being an evacuee must have been strange, arriving in an unknown place, settling in with an unknown family and having to adapt to a different way of life. Some children loved their new life in the country but others thought of it as a miserable memory.I'm not even sure if they count themselves lucky or unlucky in the household where they go to live. Mr Evans, the person who is looking after Carrie and Nick, is a bully, but his sister, who the children call Auntie Lou, is loving and kind hearted. It might have been rather boring around the household except for the discovery of Hepzibah Green and the retarded Johnny Gotobed, living quietly at Druid's Bottom. Surprisingly, Druid's Bottom is the rather grand home of Mr Evan’s other sister, Dilys Gotobed. She is widowed now, and dying and she lives an isolated life with her housekeeper, Hepzibah Green. When Carrie and Nick first go to visit Druid's Bottom they find another evacuee, called Albert Sandwich, living there: but it is Hepzibah Green who makes everyone's time at Druid's Bottom so fun and welcoming. 

I thought it was very enjoyable going to see Carries war and I think I learnt a lot about World War II.

 Emily Wagner

The play was about a girl called Carrie who got evacuated to a home in the country near Druid's Bottom.  It was set 70 years ago when World War 2 was happening between England and her allies, and Germany.  The aspect of the play I enjoyed the most was when Nick kept waking up in the night to talk to Carrie; that was amusing for me.  Thew character I most identified with was Nick as he was funny, friendly and greedy (just like me!).  I would not improve anything in the play as I thought it was brilliant!!!

William Silver

On Thursday 10 September 2009 my class and I went to London to see Carries War. The story is about a young Caroline Willow who, with her brother Nick, goes to Wales to be evacuated. The host and hostesses say they don’t want Nick, and Carrie said she won’t leave him so they end up last to be picked and are finally taken in by kindly old Mrs Evans, and mean Mr Evans, Mrs Evans brother. Carrie grows to like it there and makes friends with Albert Sandwich, Hepsibarr Green, Mr Johnny and Lady Gotabed who is dying. Mr Johnny is “simpler than some, not stupid, just simpler” in the words of Albert Sandwich. When Fredrick, Mr Evan's son comes, he and Mr Johnny have a bit of a fight. Eventually Lady Gotabed dies and leaves a secret will saying “Mr Johnny and Hepsibarr Green can stay in the house with no rent for as long as they want” and a message saying” I have not forgotten you. I have not forgotten that you are my own flesh and blood and sometimes you owe more to stagers and I have done what I have done not to spite you but because it was the write     thing to do.” To Mr Evans. Carrie tells Mr Evans about the will and message and he gets angry and steals the will and the kids can’t prove it. Eventually Carrie throws the screaming skull out of the house and Mr Evans didn’t steal the will. Carrie goes home and sees the house on fire on the train. They all survive the fire and Carrie see them one more time 30 years later and everybody lives happily every after. Over al it was a very good play and I loved every minute of it.

Ollie v.k