Online Resources Evaluation

Below is an evaluation of the primary Resource which we will use our information from.  The information below is an evaluation of the primary resource used in this lesson at  Ready the evaluation below to learn about

Evaluate Online Resource

The source being evaluated is  This site was initially but the food pyramid has been changed to the food plate recently.  The resource is very reliable for the classrooms and all the students.    This site is excellent as a resource.  There are five reasons as to why it is an excellent resource.

                The resource is the nutrition guide that is published and run by the center for nutritional policy and promotion which is a branch of the United States Department of Agriculture.  The site is government run and therefore has set the recommended standards as too what Americans should be eating on a daily basis.   There various ways that this resource tries to communicate this.

                The website is extremely easy to use and to navigate.  Headings and links are organized in an easy to see manner.  The links lead to information on other pages of the website but also has important recommended links that are similar in content to it.  These links are also government links that also work in connecting individuals with helpful nutrition information.

                The website is geared towards helping individuals to lead towards a healthy lifestyle.  The intended audience would seem to be adults, but adults can find nutritional information for children as well.  The goal of the website is to give the public the ever changing nutritional information.  People can find information about the food groups, recommended servings, and even create, and monitor their own diet through the website.

       offers a wide variety of information through various forms.  There are research articles, audio, video, podcasts, and print materials for adults, kids, babies etc. The site has information for everyone, but young adults to adults seem to be the ones who would most be navigating the site but they can find information for their kids if they needed to.

                Lastly the website has various contact and customer service information regarding questions about the website or nutritional questions.  The website shows that it is trying to help out the general public through various means of communication. There is something for everyone on the site and is appealing to everyone through its links, visuals, audio, articles, and helpful information.