Physics 11


Physics 11

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Teacher: Mr. John Ohagah                            E-mail:

Office: 330                                                      Tutorials: Thursday after school room 109

Course Description:

Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science, something you’ve been practicing and experimenting since you were an infant. From the workings of galaxies and planets, the attractive forces of chemicals, to biological processes that keep us alive. Some might say the most “pure” science.

  • Physics is unique in the science courses you take in High School. It brings together most of the higher level mathematics that you have learned, and applies it to the world around us.
  • This course will present multifaceted challenges, and hopefully it will open your eyes to the forces in the universe around you as it did for me when I was in high school.
  • Students are responsible for the mastery of course content, which will be demonstrated through a variety of means: lab work, notes, activities & quizzes.

 Required Materials: (Materials must be brought to every class)

  • 1 large 2 ringbinder
    • 4 Dividers: Notes, Assignments, Labs, Formula Sheets
  • Pencil, pen, eraser, protractor, and ruler
  • Scientific calculator or TI83 calculator
  • Dictionary


Evaluation and Assessment:


Term 1

35 %

5% Quizzes, 10% Labs, 20% Tests




Term 2


5% Quizzes, 10% Labs,

20% Tests

Final Exam







Unit 0 - Physics Skills & Methods                                   

Term 1:                Unit 1 –Kinematics                                   Unit 2 - Forces & Newton’s Laws & Momentum  

Term 2:                Unit 3 – Energy & Electric Circuits      Unit 4 –  Waves

Expectations for Physics 11


  1. DO NOT USE CELL PHONES, unless I say so.

-Confiscate if I SEE it. Follow the Pyramid of Intervention

  1. Use class time to work on assignments.



Other details you can read on your own.

  1. Sleeping/Talking
  • Sleeping in class is not allowed.
  • Talking in class is not allowed when teacher is talking.
  1. Attendance
  • Attendance is mandatory in Physics 11. We will learn many things in Physics 11, and it is very difficult to catch up if you miss any classes.
  • If you miss a class it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, and to complete any missed test, quiz, or assignment.
  • Unexcused absences will result in contacting counselor, administration and parents. 
  1. Homework
  • Failure to finish homework will result in student staying in at lunch or afterschool to complete the assessment.
  • All work must be shown for homework and long answer questions.
  1. Computers
  • Maple Leaf laptops and other personal computers can only be used when teacher allows.
  • When teacher is talking, all computers will be closed.
  • Inappropriate computer use will result in computer being taken away, and the loss of the privilege of using the computer in class.
  • Food/Drink
    • Students must clean up their garbage at the end of class.  Food and drinks are not allowed during lab and test days.
  1. Cheating/Plagiarizing
  • Cheating on a test/quiz or plagiarizing/copying an assignment will result in anincomplete for that assessment.
  • Counselor, administration and parents will be informed.
  1. End of class
    • At the end of every class, each student is expected to clean-up all garbage in their area.
    • If you do not clean up your garbage, then you will clean up everyone’s garbage and be late for your next class.
    • Last block of the day will make sure whole room is clean before leaving and chairs put on top of desks.

Good luck and Have a Great Semester