Web Design

EXT: Creating Web Pages with HTML by Carey


This one semester course is a hands-on computer course with instruction based on Web page/site design, maintenance skills, graphic design, HTML language, and customer service skills. Students will become the “Web Masters” for the High School for the duration of the course.
As a student in this course, you will learn the basics of the World Wide Web, and the basics of creating a Basic Web Page. Next you will learn how create anchors and how to attach a hyperlink to a Web Site. Then you will learn how to use hyperlinks in other types of documents (other than on the web). Next you will learn how to work with fonts, colors, and graphics in HTML. You will then learn how to create and modify tables in HTML, and work with those tables to create a newspaper-style layout. Now you will learn how to create and use frames to display multiple web pages. Next you will learn how to create and modify forms in HTML. Then you will learn about creating Cascading Style Sheets. You will also learn about JavaScript and how to work with JavaScript objects and events. Finally you will learn how to create a Multimedia Web page, enhancing it with sound, video, and Java applets.


  1. All students will acquire proficiency in the covered topics and techniques.
  2. Students will learn skills that they can carry to other classes.
  3. All students will be able to enjoy the class and express their individuality.
  4. Student will meet the Web needs of the CHS community.


Students will complete assignments and projects individually and in groups. There will be several papers throughout the semester.


Grades will be based on the percentage of work completed divided by total possible points per marking period.
A = 92% and up.
A- = 90% to 92%
B+ = 88% to 90%
B = 82% to 88%
B- = 80% to 82%
C+ = 78% to 80%
C = 72% to 78%
C- = 70% to 72%
D+ = 68% to 70%
D = 62% to 68%
D- = 60% to 62%
E = below 60%


Quizzes are given throughout the semester, usually 3 or 4 each marking period.


20% of you Semester Grade

Class Rules:

  1. No food or drink in the classroom. If you are found eating or drinking in class, you will take an automatic E on the current assignment and will be sent to the Assistant Principal’s office.
  2. Treat the equipment nicely. You will be held responsible for equipment you damage.
  3. Treat your teacher and classmates with respect.
  4. Return books and/materials to their proper place at the end of class.
  5. 1 free restroom break, after that each one will count as a tardy. (Unless you have a documented medical condition, or an emergency.)
  6. Push chairs in before you leave.
  7. Enjoy the class and have fun!