Helpful Websites

Please use these websites for further inquiry after school.  If you have any you would like me to attach please inform me.  I am always looking for fun and interactivie websites for students to reinforce our concepts from class.  Mr. Roberts Elementary Blog  Ms. Sally (Technology Teacher) website with links for each unit

Unit of Inquiry:    Exhibition presentation, research, ideas, etc. links from Ms. Sally


Does Salt Water or Fresh Water Freeze Faster - Articles:


Does Sugar Dissolve Faster in Hot Water, Cold Water, or Room Temperature Water - Articles: country profiles for data disk

             this will bring you to the library homepage, select catalog tab at the top of the page, then webpath express on the left of the next page, then search your topic country profiles for data disk country profiles for data disk  Interactive website that has articles, games, images, etc. relating to your 1st unit on body systems   Interactive website that has information, games, activities, etc. that is very educational

               -the website can only be accessed between 7AM and 5:30 PM by students using this username and password:

               Username: aiskkuwait                   Password: student    Interactive website that has an overview of our solar system - focussing on the concept of exploration

Math: tessellations practice math skills with explanation of the skill Math skills with explanation of the skill  Math skills  Math skills  Math skills  Math skills