Mr. Petit, Physical Education GVMS



       GVMS Physical Education Rubric








Student does not participate in the stretching excercises

Student partcipates in most of the  stretching exercises

Student participates in  all of the stretching exercises








Student does not participate in the warm-up activity

Student partcipates in most of the warm-up exercise

Student partcipates in all of the warm-up actvities, without prompting from the teacher







Skill and Game Play

Student does not perform skills as instructed in skill practice, authentic situation, and/or skills test

Student performs  performs skills as instructed in skill practice, authentic situation, and/or skills test most of the time

Student always performs skills as instructed in skill practice, authentic situation, and/or skills test







Being Prepared for PE

Student does not have  sneakers and a change of clothes. (change into shorts, t-shirt)

Student has sneakers but does not have a change of clothes.

Student has both sneakers and a change of clothes for class.




Above is the grading rubric I will be using for physical education at GVMS this year. During each class the students will be graded in the following areas: Stretching, Warm-up, Skill and Game Play, and being prepared for PE. Each section is worth up to 2 points and the student can collect up to 8 total points for the day. If a student does not participate in certain section of class they will lose points. The total number of points earned by the student in the tri-semester is divided by number of possible points during the tri-semester.


For example: Timmy earned 100 points out of a possible 120 points during the PE rotation. 100/120= 0.83 (which is a 83%)


If your son or daughter is injury, he/she needs to bring in a note from home to excusing them from class. If an injury is for more than a week a doctor’s note is required. While injured, the student will be required to do written worksheet about what is being taught in class.






Granite Valley Middle School PE Rules and Expectations


1-Students need a complete change of clothes. Shorts, athletic pants, tee-shirt and sneakers. A zero for being prepared for class is given when a student has no change of clothes or sneakers. The student will be required to do a worksheet to make up the rest of the points for the day)


2-This is a no “put down” environment. Use Positive Language when speaking to or about others in the gym. No profane, obscene, or other improper language or behavior.


3-Please listen and wait to talk until the teacher is finished with the directions that he/she is giving.


4-No food or gum is allowed in the gym or locker rooms.


5-Keep locker rooms neat. (flush toilets, use soap and paper products in moderation, use the trash can, and keep your things in the lockers not on the floor. Respect other peoples’ privacy while in the locker room. Also, permission from the teacher to use the locker rooms during class is needed.


6-Use equipment as instructed. Keep away from equipment until the activity begins to ensure safety for everyone.


Failure to follow these rules will result in a verbal warning, which will be marked in the grade book. A second warning will result in sitting out and doing a worksheet.  A third warning results in a detention and a call home.

*If a behavior is extremely unacceptable a student might sit out of the activity and/or a detention or office referral will be given immediately.



 Activities in Year 1                                            Activities in Year 2

   -Soccer                                                               -Lacrosse

    -Ping-Pong                                                         -Volleyball 

       -Tennis                                                               -Badminton

-Football                                                            -Socce

     -Wiffle Ball                                                       -Wiffle Ball

                             -Bocce Ball                                                        -Fitness Testing/Work outs

           -Basketball                                                        -Team Handball

      -Fitness Testing/Work outs                             -Floor Hockey

            -Tchoukball                                                      -Ultimate Frisbee

         -Warm up games                                              -Warm up games