About Me

Mr. Robinson

Degree From Florida State University

Certified In Social Sciences Grades 6-12

        My name is Mr. Robinson and this is my first year as a teacher here at Nolan Middle School.  I graduated from Florida State University receiving a Bachelors of Sciences in Social Science Education.  I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois as well as Baltimore Maryland.  This is my third School year being at Nolan in some capacity whether it be an intern, ESE aide, or Full time Educator.  Teaching is my passion now and I am not really sure what I would do if I wasn’t doing what I am doing now.  I was an awful student myself in my formative years in middle and early high school and can say I understand the perils of academic disenfranchisement and the struggle to turn your life around.    I am an avid sports fan and movie watcher but neither is worth it without my family.  My family stuck by me through my struggles with school and inspired me to do what I do now which is work with the age group that I was when I struggled and prevent student s from going down the path I took and lead a much more successful academic career. And GO NOLES!!


Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Movie:  Apocalypse Now

Favorite Band: Hard to say it changes every 5 seconds, but I’ll say Muse

Most embarrassing song on your Ipod:  I'm pretty sure there's a Taylor Swift song on there somewhere

Favorite Sports Teams: Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Manchester United

If you could do any other Job, what would you do?: Back up Punter in the NFL

Where Did you go to High School?: Towson High School in Baltimore Maryland

Do you have any siblings?:Yes, one brother, Matt (who is also a teacher)

Proudest Day:  Graduation day, or being hired by Nolan Middle

Have you ever broke a bone?:  Yes, Jumped off a swing and broke my arm. Also tripped running the base path and broke my Wrist

What is your favorite era in history to study?: The establishment of the Roman Empire

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?:  Europe

Where is the most exotic place you have ever been?: Australia