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Because of Kids……

……I can teach them and learn myself



Hello, My Name is Mr. Michael Thomas Rosati. I am so thrilled to be a teacher here at Mohegan School.  This is my 11th year of teaching and fifth year teaching at Mohegan. Before I came to Mohegan I taught one year of kindergarten at Booth Hill Elementary School in Shelton.  Before that I taught four years of second grade in Stratford.  This is my second year of teaching third grade and I am so excited!!


I love teaching but I do enjoy doing other things I like to read, write and also like doing karate. I love the baseball team Yankees and love dogs, I have a little beagle dog named boomer.


We are going to have a great year!! I have a great class and the best thing is that last year I taught some of you!  I am so happy to be teaching third grade again and I am hoping to have a great year!!