Classroom Guidelines and Expectations




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Learning Plans (LP)

Students are responsible for filling in the class work and homefun sections for each subject every day. Students take their learning plan home each night, review their work for the day with their parents and ask their parents to sign their learning plan.


Homefun is an important part of the educational program at LPA. Students will be given homefun most weekday evenings. Third grade students should plan on spending about 30 minutes each night completing homework. Students should also spend an additional 20 minutes each night engaged in reading.


Students are expected to follow LPA guidelines, policies and classroom rules. Students are expected to complete class work and homefun according to their best efforts.

How Can Parents Help Students?

Help student check to see that homefun is finished and in their docket

Help students study spelling or vocabulary if it is sent home

Practice with students and time them on Reading Fluency sheets

Be sure student is on time in the mornings

Check that student has their docket

Check that student has their Learning Plan (LP) and it is signed

Take student to local library often

Let student read with you 20 minutes each night