Homework Policy


  1. Homework will be given Monday through Thursday nights.
  2. All homework must be completed and brought to school, or students will complete the missing homework at MAPS.
  3. Nightly homework usually consists of:  Reading for 10 min., spelling practice, math worksheet 
  4. All homework assignments will be written in the students’ planners and in their spelling journals, which is their responsibility to make sure they do before leaving school.  Parents/Guardians are asked to initial the planner and reading log each night to show that they have checked their child’s homework is done.  I will check these planners every morning, so this is a good place to write any comments or questions you may have for me!
  5. If a child completes all of their homework and gets both parent signatures, they will receive a check on the classroom behavior chart.  After the child has received 20 checks, they will receive a prize from the prize box.
  6. All spelling homework should be done in the students’ spelling journals.
  7. Students will occasionally be asked to complete homework in other subject areas, including studying for tests and quizzes.  These assignments will always be written in their planners.