Mrs. Amanda and Ms. Mia's Class

Important Dates coming up ... 

  • Holiday: August 15-24
  • About Me projects due: August 27
    • Please send the "about me" project with your child to school on this day. We will do presentations throughout the week
  • Independence Day Celebration: August 30
    • K2 class time will be from 7am-1pm (longer day than normal)
    • K1 class time will be from 10am-1pm (regular school day)
    • Lunch for K1 and K2 will be at 10:30. Parents from both classes have volunteered to bring some traditional Indonesian food for a potluck. 
    • After the potluck, there will be a game time in the 7 floor gym. Parents are welcome to attend at watch
  • Theme Launch Assembly: August 31


What we are learning about right now ...