St. Therese School- Computers


My name is Mrs. Amy Henry, and I'll be your new computer teacher!  This will be my 12th year of teaching, and I'm excited to share it with you.  

Yearlong and Quarterly Curriculum Goals:  

Kindergarten through 8th Grade Yearlong Lessons:  Keyboarding skills and Becoming a Digital Citizen
K : How to use a MOUSE, Letter Recognition, Improving Reading and Writing Levels using Keyboarding activities, Intro to Word Processing
1st:  Word Processing (sequence writing, clip art, cut, copy, paste, text boxes, arrows) and Intro to Researching 
4th:  Q1 Spreadsheets with budgets with charts,  Q2 Coding,  Q3 Graphics/Photo Editing  Q4 Research and Presentations using PowerPoint and  Brochures
5th: Q1 Spreadsheets with budgets and charts,  Q2 Coding (intro Google CS First Program),  Q3 Photo Editing/Digital Art  Q4 Research and Presentations using PowerPoint and  Brochures
6th-8th:  Google CS First Program- coding, animation, video productions, Spreadsheets, Graphics/Photo Editing, Presentations- Powerpoint, Brochures, Invitations, 

Classroom Expectations 

  1. RESPECT your computer equipment
  2. RESPECT Computer Lab Rules (see below)
  3. RESPECT your teacher, classmates, and any guests to our room. 

Lab Rules: 

Computer LAB RULES


K5 Computer Lab:

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I'm ready for a fun year!
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