This week in first grade


Hey everyone!

We've got a busy week ahead!
Just a couple of friendly reminders:
Book orders due Friday, 9/15.
You can also order online.
I know that as a parent many of the resources you can get for cheaper on sites such as amazon, but ordering on scholastic helps us to earn free materials for our classroom.  If you need another order form, let me know or go to the website below.
Thanks in advance!
Our class code is: P2K2Q
We also have a subscription on Scholastic News which you can also access online.  There are lots of great activities and nonfiction articles.
The class password is 1sthca
Thursday is Picture Day!
Friday is Spirit Day!
This is a new activity that we are doing this year at Hillside. Every other month there will be a theme.  This month is our school colors.
Your child may come in free dress (shorts are also ok!) as long as it is our school colors.
Other options include face paint, hair dye, etc!
Feel free to have your child go all out!
We will have a contest for which class shows the most school spirit.  The winner will get a pizza and ice cream party from Ms. Yoo-Lee!  We've been discussing in class how to show our school spirit.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them my way!
If anyone has an extra fan in their home you can spare, please let me know.  The afternoons have been getting so HOT in our room.  We would love to borrow it and can give it back to you when the weather cools down.
Thanks so much, everyone!


We made it through week 1! I have enjoyed getting to know each of your children!

I hope to get to know each of you at Back to School Night this Tuesday!

We will begin at 5:45 in the chapel and then head over to the classroom.

We said goodbye to Matthew on Thursday.  The children all had a chance to make him special pictures or cards.  We prayed for him as a class and wished him all of God's best.  

We will most likely be welcoming a new student this week.  The office has not given me exact details, but we are ready to make the new student feel welcome in our room!

I hope each of you had a good weekend!

I am looking forward to diving deeper in our curriculum this week!


Mrs. Moy



It's Back to School Week!  

I'm so excited that this week is finally here!  

The first week of First Grade is all about learning routines and making sure everyone knows classroom procedures.  We will dive deep into our normal curriculum by the end of the week.  

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • We have our first birthday this week on Friday the 18th!  Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!
  • Our snack schedule begins on Wednesday, 8/16.    

This is also the day that our staff prays for your child by name!  I will send a copy of this calendar home the first day.  Thanks to Angela's family for providing snacks for our class!  There are currently 15 students enrolled in our class!    If you ever are unable to bring snacks for the class on your scheduled day, feel free to let me know in advance, so I can bring something to share.  

Just for this week I will post the rest of the students who are scheduled to bring in snacks here so you have a few days to prepare:

Thursday- Meriam

Friday- Lucas

  • Please make sure your child gets good rest and is well fed in order to make it through this week (and every week)!

Your kids are learning new routines, new faces, new information, and may seem tired both physically and emotionally.  

Lots of grace, love, and plenty of rest will help everyone get through this week of new beginnings!

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and each of the students!


Can't wait to see you all and meet everyone Tuesday morning!  


Mrs. Moy