Mrs. Parr's Grade Two Class!


Spelling will not be this week as we have some other assessments that we will be working on. One of these being a writing assessment. 

Please bring in clothes for gymnastics.

Please return indoor shoes to school.

This Thursday, January 16 is “Appreciate A Dragon Day” – everyone (students & staff) will be encouraged to wear their “ND Dragon Spiritwear” that day or school-colours (blue, white and gold)


NEW UNIT OF MATH: see sheets you need if you wish to have some practice work.


Language focus:


-Friendly letter writing. 

-Paragraph writing. We have finished a writing assignment based on the book "snowmen at night". Such creative ideas!

-Our new class novel is the " Wild Robot".


Social Studies: We have begun our traditions and celebrations unit. 

We will be learning about the celebrations many other faiths and cultures experience.


Religion: we are currently working on this blessed season of Advent and the nativity story. Test coming this week! We have reviewed in class.


Sheets are in the "sheets you may need" section.


What you need to know!

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 Understanding Learning Skills for Kids!


A gentle reminder that if you are making arrangements for your

child to be picked up by someone else, please send a note or call the

school. This is to ensure the safety of your child.



 *Our classroom is nut free. Please keep the safety of our students in mind when packing lunches for your son/daughter.

* To volunteer for any school related trips etc. please

complete a police background check.