Simple Machines Webquest

Simple Machines Webquest

Introduction: Congratulations, your class has been selected to create an exhibit on the six simple machines for the British Museum of History in London, England. There will be six rooms and your task is to create a room for one of the six simple machines and present your ideas to the board of directors as to what you want to include in your room. The purpose of this exhibit is to teach those that visit about your specific simple machine, its history (when and where it was invented and how it was used), and how your simple machine makes work easier.

Your Task: Your task is to create a PowerPoint presentation for the board of directors displaying the following five points:

  1. Describe when your machine was first invented or used.
  2. Include anyone who is credited with the machine's invention or first use.
  3. Describe the use of your machine through history.
  4. Include specific examples on how your machine makes work easier.
  5. And finally, design an exhibit to share what you've learned with visitors of the British Museum.


Step 1: As a team research all six simple machines and their history. Make sure you read through all the websites in the Resources section. Find information about each simple machine, each simple machine's history including who is credited with its invention or use, and how each simple machine makes work easier.

Divide the labor so the same person is not taking the same notes. One person could do three machines and the other person could do the other three (two machines each in a team of three). Just make sure you are all helping research while one is taking the notes.

Step 2:  As a team research and record your findings on the note taking handout (your group will turn in one completed handout).

Step 3:
Once you are done taking notes you will create a PowerPoint presentation working together using all your different notes. The presentation will be viewed by the museum board of directors. After viewing all the proposals, the board will choose the winning idea for their exhibit.

Along with a title slide and closing slide, your PowerPoint will include slides detailing the history of your simple machine, how your simple machine is used, and your plan for the museum exhibit. Include a list of artifacts (displays/examples) needed for your exhibit. On your closing slide list references for your information (websites where you got your information).

Step 4: 
When your PowerPoint is complete go to the Evaluation section of this webquest and look over the rubric to make sure you have completed the assignment.