Glencoe Website - Link to online book and quizzes

Students can visit the Glencoe Website to access the online textbook and various resources.

2. Select Ky as the State, User is student/parent, and then select science and hit enter.
3.Click intergraded science and select level blue 2008
4. on this page you will see a picture of the book and click to enter the student center.
5. on this page under textbook resources you can click on the online student edition and chapter review quizzes along with self check quizzes for each section in the chapter.
*The access code for the online book is A251BB79B9
Students can take the review quizzes as we cover the material in class and email me their scores for Bonus Points.
Bonus Points will only be given if the review quizzes are completed and the results are emailed to me before we take the quiz/test over the material in class.