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Welcome to Mrs. Awesome's Arts Integration Lesson Gallery

These are some of our arts integrated STEAM lesson plan ideas: 

Lesson#1: Worbla Masks 

(Grade 5- Integrates with  Science: Physical /Chemical Change, Career Connections, and Visual Art skills)

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Lesson#2  Tiny Houses with LED paper circuits

(Grade 5- Integrates with Math, Career Connections, Engineering, Science: Electricity, and Visual Arts: Architecture skills)

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                                                                                                   student examples 

Lesson #3  Big Statements - Inspired by the work of Claus Oldenberg

(Grade 5- Integrates with Math, Career Connections, Engineering, Social Studies, and Visual Arts: Sculpture)

Image result for claes oldenburg sculptures

                                                            Student example

Lesson#4 Watercolor Accordian Cards

(Grade 5- Integrates with Science: Landforms, Language Arts: Writing, Visual Arts: Watercolor Painting, Landscape Drawing)

Lesson #5 Clay Leaf Bowls

(Grade 4- Integrates with Science: Clay Soil/ Rock Cycle, Weathering and Erosion, Deciduous/Coniferous Trees in Biomes, Fossil Imprints, Visual Arts: Clay Slab Vessel Making)

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Lesson #6 Watercolor Flora

(Grade 4- Integrates with Science: Plant Adaptations, Indigenous plants of Utah, Visual Arts: Watercolor and Drawing Skills)

student examples 


Lesson #7  Chihuly Bowls 

(Grades 2 and 3 - Integrates Science; Changes in Matter, Reactions of Heat, Visual Arts: Sculpture, and Color Skills)

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Lesson #8 Cyanotypes

(Grade 3- Integrates Science: Light and Heat from Sun and other sources, UV Rays from the Sun, Exposure, Visual Art: Photography process, Composition, Space)

Lesson #9 Ned Kahn Inspired Weather Installation

(Grade 2- Integrates Science: Weather patterns and measurements, Visual Art: Kinetic sculpture, metal repousse)

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Ned Kahn: "Chain of Ether", Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking Garage


Lesson #10  Sun Motif Metal Repousse

(Grade 1- Integrates Science: Sun and moon characteristics, Visual Art: metal repousse skills, symbols, sun motif use throughout all cultures)

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Lesson#11 Reimagining your Environment

(Grade 1- Integrates Science: weather, Technology: Photoshop, Visual Arts: movement, drawing and painting skills, watercolor techniques)


Lesson#12 Light Screen

(Grade Kindergarten, but adjustable for any grade- Integrates Science: weather patterns, light and shadow, Math: addition, and story problems, Theater Arts: pantomime, shadow theater)

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