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Box Tops for Education

Each year, NDA holds a friendly competition to see which class can collect the most Box Tops for Education.  The Box Tops are found on packages of everyday products such as General Mills cereals, Kleenex, Pillsbury, etc.  Clip them out and send them in! There are monthly prizes for the class that collects the most!


Welcome 2010-2011
NDA Pre-Kindergarten Students & Parents!

Friday, Spetember 10, 2010

You did it! Our first week was a great success. We had very minimal tears and are well on our way to a successful and productive year.  As our first week of school comes to an end, I’d like to remind/inform you of a few things:

-          Please remember to get ALL missing paper work to me by Monday as I must mail out the UPK paperwork this upcoming week.
-          If you are missing any supplies, please also try to send those in soon.

-          Pick-up time is crucial! We understand that emergencies happen, but we ask that you do your best to be on time or call in the event that you will be late. We often have other students, meetings, and/or responsibilities to attend to directly following dismissal times.

-          Remember to always label EVERYTHING that you send in. We are asking that you also try to label snacks (when possible). Our cubbies are behind press doors. This makes it difficult and dawdling to consistently allow students in their backpacks so we have created a snack bin to make this process easier. 

-          On that note… Please also remember to send in one snack a day for your child. I will keep Cheerio’s in the classroom, but this soon becomes a boring choice.

-          If you child has ANY food allergies, please send me in a note on Monday. I would just like to triple check my classroom master list. (As of right now, we are not a designated Peanut Free zone. I am still awaiting paperwork from a few parents on allergies to finalize this decision.)

-          I too, as a parent, know how hectic most mornings can be. Some times, remembering your child’s snack may just be the last thing on your mind. I am asking for a few individually wrapped or newly packaged items that I can keep in the classroom cupboard in case such an incident may occur.

-          Many of your children may have told you about our really loud “School Bird”. They are referring to our fire drill alarm. We have been practicing how to quietly stand up, push in our chair, line up, and exit the building in the case of such an emergency.  We know how scary just coming to school is for so many. The last thing we want is to worry anyone about the possibility of an emergency when mom or dad isn’t there. This is why we always refer to the alarm sound as our “School Bird”. 

As always, please remember to check our classroom website, and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to call/e-mail me. Thank you for an excellent first week.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello, and welcome to our classroom website. Here you will find important information about our school and more importantly, our classroom. This webpage will be the main source of communication for us, so please remember to check it regularly.

I am very excited about the upcoming year and cannot wait to get started. As many of you know, this will be my first year teaching Pre-K at NDA. I plan to work closely with Miss Juszkiewicz in the beginning weeks of school in order to create a universal environment amongst our classrooms.

Our class consists of 18 students; 12 half day and 6 full. We have a half day aide (Mrs.Roche) and are located in room 16. We will be busy this year! Universal Pre-K provides me with a curriculum aligned with the New York State Learning Standards for Pre-K... You'll be amazed at how much we will cover! Our Pre-K classrooms are constantly busy and on the go! Thanks for familiarizing yourself with our webpage and I hope you'll be back soon!




Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Ashley Young
Universal Pre-K
1125 Abbott Road
Buffalo, 14220

2010-2011 Pre-K Staff

Mrs. Ashley Young Room 16

Mrs. Jeanne Roche Aide Room 16
Miss Juszkiewicz Co-Teacher Room 17

Mrs. Cindy Burison Aide in Room 17

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or through the schools main office.