Physics w/ Earth Science Course Syllabus

Valley High School


Mission: We are a supportive and diverse community dedicated to meeting the needs of all students through pathways that develop skills to be successful in post-secondary endeavors.

Teacher: Brittney Baldon


Room Number: 308


School Year: 2020-2021

Phone: 502-485-8339


Textbook: Physics, Holt. A classroom set is used. Students will never remove textbook from my classroom. During NTI various online resources will be used.


Tutoring: Available in mornings before school and after school. Please schedule a tutoring time at least one school day before desired time.


Course Description: Physics w/ Earth Science is an entry level science class that satisfies the high school graduation requirement of a physical science. The physics curriculum includes interactions of matter and energy, velocity, accelerations, force, energy, momentum and charge. Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge of the laws of physics to solve physics related critical thinking problems. Students will complete a long term science project that will count as multiple test and projects grades for each nine week grading period. Students will also be assigned various reading articles as part of the Common Core Reading standards for science.

Standards Based Instruction: This course will include information in compliance with the Kentucky Academic Performance Standards. For complete coverage of this course’s standards please click here.

Materials: The following materials will be used in this class on a daily basis.


  • Chromebook
  • Internet Access

In Person

  • Spiral notebook: 9x11 or larger
  • Colored pencils (we will use color a lot in this class) – erasable is the best – NO MARKERS, they bleed through. There is a class set available.
  • Something to write with: Pencil, Blue or Black ink pen – nothing that will bleed through pages.
  •  Highlighters (3 different colors of your choice – used daily!). There is a class set available.
  • Glue Sticks. There is a class set available


Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) Policies and Expectations:

  1. All weekly materials for this course will be posted on Google Classroom no later than Monday at 9:00 am.

  2. All assignments will be due the following Sunday by midnight.

  3. All on-time assignments will be graded on Google Classroom within a week.

  4. You are expected to be present in TWO scheduled synchronous (live) teaching sessions.

  5. Synchronous learning lesson videos will be posted at the time of the regularly scheduled synchronous learning.

  6. During synchronous learning, students should have microphones muted except when called on or asking a question.  Students do NOT need to have their cameras on, but may do so if they choose.

  7. Students are expected to participate in synchronous learning activities.

  8. You are expected to complete asynchronous assignments independently.

  9. Students will have an opportunity for revision of assignments to demonstrate progression in their learning of the standards.


Reading in the Content Area: As part of our content standards, all students will be required to read content related material to enhance the curriculum. Reading requirements include current science article and The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios. This will be assigned during the 3rd six weeks grading period.

Course Outline: Assignments will be checked weekly and entered into the grade book on Infinite Campus.

1st Six Weeks

Unit 1 – Measurement

Unit 2 – Vectors

Unit 3 – Velocity and Acceleration



3rd Six Weeks

Unit 7 – Static Electricity

Unit 8 – Electric Circuits

Unit 9 - Magnets


2nd Six Weeks

Unit 4 – Newton’s Laws and Projectile Motion Unit 5 – Forces

Unit 6 – Momentum and Energy


4th Six Weeks

Unit 10 - Waves

Unit 11 – Sound

Unit 12 – Light and EM Spectrum


Course Grading Percentages:

Test……………………………………..25%                             90.0-100.0%     A       Distinguished

Labs……………………………….25%                             80.0-89.9%       B       Proficient

Projects………………..……………..20%                             70.0-79.9%       C       Apprentice

Daily Work ...…………...............15%                             60.0-69.9%       D       Novice

Bell Ringers..…………………….…15%                              Below 60.0%   U/I      Incomplete

*The average derived from these percentages in the teacher’s grade book will be used to determine the student’s final grade at the end of the year.


MY EXPECTATIONS: I have high expectations for this class! I am willing to help and work with you in anyway, however slacking off will not be tolerated. It is very easy to pass my class—here’s how you do it:

  • Come to class on time and be ready to work when the bell rings! I start on time!!!
  • Do your best work (homework/class-work, studying, labs, group and individual participation)
  • Pay attention in class! Ask questions when you don’t understand.
  • Take good notes
  • Complete your projects/assignments on time and to the best of your ability (incomplete work will be returned)
  • Work cooperatively with your peers, no matter who they are!
  • Most important—keep up!!! Homework will be assigned and is crucial to your success.
  •  Don’t get behind…it’s a lot harder to catch up than to stay on task!
  • Follow all lab safety guidelines – You will lose lab privileges upon violation of these!!
  • Follow all policies in student handbook (Tardies, absences, cheating, course repair, academic indifference)


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Teacher: I will be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan and grades for my students.

Signature:____________________________________________________ Date:____________________

Student: I have read the classroom syllabus, and I understand it fully. I will honor it and will support it while in the classroom.

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Parent/Guardian: My child has discussed the classroom discipline plan and syllabus with me. I understand and support it.

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