Weekly Newsletter


Baldwin’s Bulletin

Week 6: September 26th-30th


Loved One to Lunch

We are so excited to have you join us on Tuesday.  Please meet us at 11:00 am in the Centrum. 


Grandparents Day Mass

Mark your calendar for this Friday.  We will have a special mass & reception honoring all grandparents.  Mass begins at 8:30 am.  After mass, grandparents and their grandchild will attend the reception together.  


Language Arts and Flash Cards

It is VERY important to review ALL high frequency words each night.  We will learn MANY new words this year and it is easier to learn and review them as we go, rather than play “catch up”.   Please see the section titled “Fun Ways to Practice High Frequency Words”.  There are many great ideas to make learning FUN!


This week we are reviewing the letter and sound of Bb, Aa, Tt, Pp, Ss, and Mm.  We will be learning the letters and sounds of Oo (Monday) and Cc (Tuesday). Please make flashcards for the new words that will be introduced this week (can, he, we, she, be).  


Caps For Sale

We will be reading the book Caps for Sale in class this week.  Please send in a cap on Thursday for your child.  



This week we will continue to learn about numbers 1-5.  We will put numbers in order and find groups that have the same, less & more.  Our chapter assessment will be on Friday.


Social Studies

We are continuing our Social Studies unit titled “Character Education”.  This week we are focusing on how to be trustworthy.  Ask your child about Trustworthy Tiger!



This week we will learn about God’s gift of animals.  We will learn how animals are different and ways we can take care of God’s gift.  We will also learn about St. Francis of Assisi.



Mrs. Baldwin