Fun Ways to Practice High Frequency Words


  • Review the flash cards daily with your child. Put a dot or check beside the words your child can read easily. The other words will need further practice. If your child makes 5 mistakes, stop and work only on those 5 words and no more. Too many wrong words can be very frustrating.


  • If your child likes timed tasks, you might want to use a timer and see if your child can correctly read them in a quicker time than before.  Do this until they are read smoothly and without hesitation.  If timed tasks cause stress – don’t do this one!


  • Use some of the words to make into a simple BINGO game.


  • MEMORY or CONCENTRATION.  Do this for only about 10 words at a time to begin with. You can increase the number as your child progresses.  Be sure you help your child correctly read the words as they are turned. Gradually let the child do this more independently. 


  • Get a small white marker board, dry erase marker and eraser and let your child practice seeing, hearing, writing and saying it aloud.


  • Make a “Bang!” sight word game.  Put the flash cards in a paper bag. Make two or three extra cards that say “Bang!”  Take turns pulling words out and reading them. If you read it correctly, you “keep” the card. If your child misses the word, go over it by saying it and showing it.  Then put the card back in the bag. Everyone takes turns. If you get the card that says, “Bang!” you have to put all your words back in the bag. The winner is the one with the most cards. Since each person can lose all their cards when the Bang! card is pulled, it is a great way for adults to join in the fun.


  • Red Light Challenge:  Keep a baggie of words in the car.  When the car stops at a red light, have your child read as many words as he/she can.  At the next light, see if he/she can “break” their own record.