Fractions to decimals to percents practice 

CLICK HERE–this site is just for practicing your skills.

Death to Decimals: Fractions to decimals

CLICK HERE–This is a fun one ya’ll! Your trying to save major cities from the aliens. Fraction man (you) is the only one who can do it. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Use the space bar to throw calculators at the aliens with the decimal that matches the fraction (on the bottom of the game)

Lunch Lady: Decimal Addition

CLICK HERE–A funny little lunch lady (you) needs to total what the kids get for lunch and punch it into the cash register.

Decimal Jeopardy

CLICK HERE–Just what you expected, a Jeopardy type game covering basic decimal operations. The neat thing about this game is that is has nice sound effects, you get to pick your avator, you can name your team, and it can be multiplayer (so, it’s good for a whole class activity, too!)

Place Value Pirates 

CLICK HERE– Ahoy! Hit the pirate with the correct decimal place value

Decimal Detective
By popular request from my students, here is the link to decimal detectives!
CLICK HERE   This is a decimal number line type of activity.

Decimal Squares

Click Here–Six different decimal games which practice several different skills