Improper and Mixed Fractions Video

Click Here–a video that explains what improper and mixed numbers are and how to convert them.

Identifying Fractions Tutorial

CLICK HERE–a tutorial on how to identify and name fractions

This site has multiple activities to practice what we’re learning about fractions.

Click Here for Fraction Fun!

Fishy Fractions–Practice multiple skills

You DO NOT have to register, just click “maybe later”. This site has multiple games to help practice the skills that we’re learning!

CLICK HERE: Fishy Fractions

Fractions to decimals to percents practice

CLICK HERE–this site is just for practicing your skills.

Death to Decimals: Fractions to decimals

CLICK HERE–This is a fun one ya’ll! Your trying to save major cities from the aliens. Fraction man (you) is the only one who can do it. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Use the space bar to throw calculators at the aliens with the decimal that matches the fraction (on the bottom of the game)


Fractions on a numberline

Find Grampy (easy)–CLICK HERE

Find Grammy (harder)–CLICK HERE

Practice identifying both numerator and denominator–CLICK HERE

Model slicing the numberline to match the fraction–CLICK HERE

Drag and drop fractions to the numberline–CLICK HERE