Whole Number Operations


Division: Chunk it! (a.k.a short division or space saver)

Although we haven’t practiced it a lot in class, this method is a great one to help you build your mental math skills.


Division: Any method you choose

Bring your paper and pencil. You can work these and, then, type in the answer to check.


Traditional Algorithm: A fabulous site for Step by Step practice. Mrs. Barber’s class should set the highest number to 99 at the beginning of the game, please! :)


Math Operations (including division)

Practice Operations CLICK HERE– space shuttle game lets you practice your four basic operations. Three levels: Easy=basic facts, Medium=a little harder, Hard=This is more like fifth grade level!

CLICK HERE–This generates an online multiple choice quiz, according to the rules that you want to practice.

CLICK HERE–There are several rules listed, you click on the ones that apply to a given number, then check to see if you found all of them.

CLICK HERE–a simple game where you drag set of factors to the matching number.

CLICK HERE–its the astroid game.

Click Here–cute math baseball,with animated characters doing whole number operations. This game must be downloaded as a zip file.

Click Here–Level one is rounding whole numbers

Click Here–Subtraction of whole numbers


Fridge Magnet Game

Click Here–Addition of whole numbers