Homework Helpers

Great new math game site!!

This one is a lot of fun and covers different stuff. I played but I did not have to register. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Here’s some help with finding common denominators:


Improper and Mixed Fractions Video

Click Here–a video that explains what improper and mixed numbers are and how to convert them.

Identifying Fractions Tutorial

CLICK HERE–a tutorial on how to identify and name fractions

Multiplying decimals video

CLICK HERE–video on how to multiply decimals

Fractions to decimals

CLICK HERE–video on how to change fractions to decimals.

CLICK HERE–a video explaining what these are and how to convert one to the other.

CLICK HERE–this site is just for practicing your skills.

Homework Help: Partial Quotients Videos

I’m posting these clips showing partial quotients. Excuse the printing, it’s really hard to do with just a mouse, but I think you’ll get the idea. There’s no sound on the video, but I do work an example problem for you to see with a single digit divisor, a divisor that is double digits (tens only), and a double digit divisor (tens and ones).

Single digit divisor- CLICK HERE

Multiple of 10 divisor- CLICK HERE

2 digit divisor- CLICK HERE

**Note: I accidently named the files that I uploaded “Partial Products”, but they are partial quotients….sorry**