Classroom Management

Mrs. Barrera's Philosophy

Classroom management is all about creating a learning environment that supports the students academic achievement and emotional growth.  To that end, I have listed elements under promises (on commitments) and expectations that are essential for student development.   

I promise to...

  • Start to day with positive attitude
  • Come to school ready to teach
  • Help every student achieve great things
  • Always be respectful
  • Look for new ways to help my students 
  • Tell parents about the good things their kid did
  • Involve parents, administrators, colleagues, and students in the education process 
  • Understand that anyone can have a rough day, even me
  • Apologize when I make a mistake
  • Reflect on my actions

I expect and encourage my students to...

  • Help foster positive attitudes
  • Come to school ready to learn
  • Cheer when their classmates succeed
  • Always be respectful
  • Take learning to their own hands
  • Understand that anyone can have a rough day, even Mrs. Barrera
  • Reflect on their actions