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My name is Susan Bass, and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. 

I'm a graduate of UW-Madison in elementary education with a specialty in mathematics.  I am married, and my husband (Gerry) and I have three terrific children, Spencer, Taylor, and Stephanie.  They are all attending UW-Whitewater.  We also have two little shi tzu dogs and an Australian shepherd.  Their names are Pickle, Pooter, and Logan.  They are pampered and spoiled by all members of the family, but they still have darling personalities.  Additional family members include three cats and many, many fish.  The cats are special breeds.  One is a Ragdoll (Moppett).  One is a Himalayan (Murphy) and the third is a Persian (Miller).  They are all characters in their own ways. 

My favorite hobbies are:  activities with my family, playing in our backyard (including gardening and swimming), water sports at Powers Lake (where my parents live), reading, biking, and playing the piano and harp.  Actually I have lots more interests, but I have to stop somewhere!

I've taught fourth through sixth grades and have been a substitute teacher in all K-8 grades.  This will be my first year at teaching third grade.  I'm so excited!  I can't wait to meet my new class!