Social Studies Project Guidelines

Dear Students,               

February is known as Black History month.  It is a time when we remember special people who have made great contributions to our society. It is not the color of their skin that makes them special, but their character and their actions.  

In your bag you will find the name of a particular African American.  They are noted in history because they have added to the rich American culture. 

Here are your instructions for this project: 

1.   Research the extraordinary African American person named in your bag. You can read a biography about the person or have your parents help you research them on the internet.  A helpful website is: 

2.   Choose an object to put in your bag that would represent the special African American you researched.  

3.   You should write a paragraph summary about the person in your bag.  Listed on the attached sheet are some questions to help you know what information needs to be contained in your summary about the person.  This summary should be placed on the back of your bag.  The summary MAY BE typed. 

4.   Decorate the front of the bag you have been given making sure the decorations represent the individual you learned about. You can put their name, picture, and whatever else symbolizes that person.

 5.   You will present your “bag”, object, and what you have learned about the special African American to the class.  Your oral presentation will be a part of your grade.  Have fun & see me if you have any questions! 

Project due:  Friday, February 27

African American Secret Pal

Summary Questions:  

  1. What is the name of the special African American you are learning about?
  1. Where was he/she born?
  1. Is he/she still living?
  1. If he/she is not living, how old were they when they died?
  1. If he/she is living, how old is he/she now?
  1. Why should this individual be remembered?
  1. Why did you choose the object you put in your bag to represent this person?