Cultural History Fair Family Interview Questions


Cultural History Project

Interview with a Family member



Interview 2 family members any time before January 14.  Use your INB to take lots of notes during the interview.







Thank you _________________ for taking the time to sit with me and allowing me to interview you.  I will use the information you provide as one of my primary sources for my Cultural History Project.  My project will be on display during Sequoyah’s Cultural History Fair.



What is your full name?                                              What was the name given to you at birth?


What is your birth date?                                               Where were you born?


What did your parents do for a living?                        What elementary school did you attend?                                            


What middle school did you attend?                What high school did you attend?


What kinds of activities did you enjoy when you were a kid?


What do you think has been the greatest invention in your lifetime?


What kinds of activities did you enjoy when you were a teenager?


What bands, singers or rappers did you listen to when you were a teenager?


When you were a teenager, were you a fan of any professional sports teams or players?


Were you a fan of any TV or movie stars?


What was the most memorable or influential book you read when you were a teenager.


Describe your first job.                                                What food dishes link you to your culture?    


What training and / or higher education did you receive as an adult?


What career field did you get into and why?               How did you meet your husband / wife?


What are your children’s names and where were they born?


Where do you currently live?                                      What holiday traditions are important to you?


What languages do you speak fluently?


Who cooked these dishes and who did you share them with?


Can you tell me about a historical event (a war, a policy  that has affected our family?


Can you tell me about a beloved pet?  Can you tell be about a beloved car, boat or other vehicle you had?


I’d like to hear some anecdotes from your life or about any of our family.  I’d like to hear about any adventures, any accomplishments, any funny stories, and any life lessons.