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Miscellaneous Websites

Math Websites

  • Our Scott-Foresman math textbook has a website that students and families can use. You will be able to log on and look at the third grade textbook or Take It to the Net, which has various interactive activities. If you don’t have internet at home, perhaps you can stop in periodically to use the computers at Musser Public Library.
  • How to access the Math website:
  • 1.       Access your Internet browser
  • 2.       Enter the URL (site address) -- (Be sure to add the site to your favorites.)
  • 3.       Use the following information to get started:
  • Your child's user name: madison3
    Your child's password: madison3
    Note: User name and password are case sensitive
  • 4.       Enter our zip code….52761…highlight Madison School….click enter.
  • - Addition machine has three different skill levels.  It is easy to use and highly motivating for some kides.
  • - Subtraction machine has three different skill levels.  It is also highly motivating for some students.

  • - Lots of multiplication games including Baseball Multiplication, Tables Tester, Times Table Grids, and Brain Buster.
  • - Scroll down to play loads of multiplication games.  You can practice facts randomly or select a specific family, like the 9s, to focus on.
  • - The purpose of the website is to help students learn math interactively.  This site has plenty of activities and games to help beginning to intermediate math students improve their skills. Flash cards, concentration games, and more.
  • - offersmMath games for all ages. Games include Math Baseball, Power Football, Change Maker, Fresh Baked Fractions, Line Jumper, and Shape Surveyor.
  • -This brightly colored website has links to games in several areas of math: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), division, jigsaw puzzles, etc.
  • - This site has developed math skills programs that are research based.  You can use the math games and math activities to review, and keep your math skills sharp, or use one of the math foundations programs to develop the basic skills that will help you succeed in math.
  • - has a homework help link that is for K-2 students.  It has activities to help with addition, subtraction, money, measurement, shapes, and more.
  • - Scroll down for tons of interactive multiplication practice.  Some games even have difficulty levels if you are looking for a challenge.
  • - fraction practice

Reading Websites

  • - A huge selection of Readers' Theatre scripts.  Scroll down to click on some of your favorite titles.
  • - This website, created for ESL students, but helpful and fun for all, offers numerous interactive vocabulary quizzes on nouns, verbs, adjectives, opposites, and more.  Many quizzes have pictures.  The site is a project of The Internet TESL Journal (  Check it out!
  • - was created with first graders in mind.  However, with its colorful graphics and wide selection of activities including phonics practice, reading along with stories of different genres, and games it is appealing to preschoolers through early third grade.
  • - It makes sense that the leader in school-based book orders has a great book website for kids and parents.  The site gives you two options: the Parent Activity Center and the Kids Site.  The Parent Activity Center is designed for you and your child to use together.  You can play games, read and listen to stories, print and color activities, or watch a video with each other.  The is also a parent newsletter you can subscribe to.  The Kids Site has games, more information and activities about your favorite books and authors, and book discussions.
  • - The Musser Public Library, located on the corner of Iowa Avenue and 3rd Street in historic downtown Muscatine, is dedicated to children and reading.  Check out the Kidz Kingdom link on the homepage for current programs for children 12 and under.
  • - This is the link to the district's Accelerated Reader Online Test Search Tool.  Type in the title or author of the book, select Madison, and then click on Submit Query to see if your book is registered as an AR book with your school.  If it is, students may take a test on it during AR time.

Science Websites

  • - The classic yellow-trimmed magazine has a website for kids!  There are numerous things to do at this website.  Kids can learn more about their favorite animals by reading stories or watching video clips.  Kids can also learn about exciting new people and places.  There are also several games and activities for kids to complete.
  • - This website is filled with information on a range of science topics.  It is also available En Espanol (scroll down and the link is in the lower left corner)!  The site offers ideas for science experiments, cool photos and sounds, and the latest science news as it pertains to kids.  It also has puzzles and games!
  • - The books that give learning about science a new twist, also has a website.  The Magic School Bus website has monthly "simple science" experiments that you can do with your children.