CCSS Math Shifts

Math Shifts with CCSS

With the adoption of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) math instruction has shifted in 6 key areas. The shifts in instruction are listed below.

Shift 1 - Focus: The scope of math instruction focuses on fewer topics in greater depth.  

Shift 2 - Coherence: Student learning is connected within and across grade levels building on students' previous learning to support students in moving to more advanced topics.

Shift 3 - Fluency: Students know procedures fluently - having speed & accuracy with simple calculations.

Shift 4 - Deep Understanding: Students develop a deep conceptual understanding and can easily operate within a math concept prior to moving on.

Shift 5 - Application: Students use and apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

Shift 6 - Dual Intensity: Students are practicing and understanding math with intensity.

In other words:

  • Learn more about fewer, key topics
  • Build skills in and across grade levels
  • Develop speed and accuracy
  • Really know it; really do it
  • Use it in the real world
  • Think fast and solve problems