Mrs.Black's Class


Welcome to our grade math and study skills web site. There is a lot of information here, so please look around.


Students will have math homework at least 4 days a week. The purpose of math homework is to practice the new skills that are taught in class. The assignment is typically less than 20 problems. The ENTIRE assignment is to be completed to avoid a ZAP. 


The text is a workbook format, so the book should be coming home daily. In the event that a student forgets his/her book, it is available online. The online version can be accessed from the school website ( in the Pontiac tab. To access the textbook online, students need to enter their lunch code followed by the first letter of their first name, capitalized. 

Math Videos

I have included a section on this site entitled 6th Grade Math Videos and a section entitled 7th Grade Math Videos. These are short instructional videos that students may use when difficulties arise doing homework (or for review). Each video contains a teacher explaining and illustrating how to solve various math problems. Each video is arranged by chapter and lesson. Videos may offer more than one way to solve a problem. Therefore, if a student is struggling or says "That's not what Mrs. Black said," they can refer to the videos for help. I prefer that students solve problems in a way that is meaningful to them. So, if a video demonstrates a strategy that I did not explicitly teach but makes sense to students, then they should use that strategy.


Math Facts

An area that students really need to be proficient in is math facts. There are many math facts games available online for students. It is in their best interest to be able to have basic math facts (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) memorized. Please help your child by reviewing facts or allowing them online access to review games.

Testing Policy - Test Corrections

Students will have the OPTION of completing test corrections. (This replaces a "retake" situation.) Students can earn up to half of the points they missed on the test. The format and requirements are specific. These specifics are located on the Test Corrections page of this website. Click the link above to see the requirements.