Test Corrections

Test Correction Procedure

You have ONE WEEK to complete test corrections. The week begins on the day the test is returned to you. You may get help from classmates and/or teachers. However, make sure YOU understand your errors enough to explain them clearly. UPDATE 11/2018: ALL test corrections MUST be completed in math lab

You must do the following on a separate sheet of paper for each incorrect item on the test.

  1. Number the problem/question and rewrite it.
  2. Write at least TWO COMPLETE SENTENCES explaining what your error was and what you need to do to correct it. Write enough to prove that you now understand it.
  3. Show all the work to correct the problem and include the correct answer.
  4. Turn in the original test AND your corrections.


Example Sentences

"I made a mistake with the order of operations rules. I should have multiplied before I added. To fix this, I will have to use the rules of order of operations correctly by multiplying before adding."

"My error was just a simple multiplication mistake. The volume of the cylinder I found was twice as big as it should be because I accidentally multiplied the height and area of the base incorrectly. I wrote that 6 X 4 = 48. It was a silly mistake."