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I am so excited to welcome you to your 4th grade year at Edison PK-6 School in Dayton Public Schools! In my classroom, you are a STAR! A STAR is a Scholar Taking Academic Responsibility and you will be able to prove your STARdom each and every day!


Getting Started

The beginning of a school year can be a very exciting and sometimes anxious time. My goal is for you to start this year off on the right foot and walk the red carpet the remainder of the year! You can find information on our class site: syllabus, class lists, assignments, important dates, class information, and more!


Class Materials


☐ 1.5” to 2” 3-ring binder

☐ 2 packs notebook paper

☐ 2 packs #2 pencils

☐ Glue Sticks (2)

☐ Pencil Sharpener

☐ Colored Pencils

☐ Four highlighters (different colors)

☐ 2 college-ruled composition


☐ One container Clorox/Lysol wipes

☐ One pair of ear buds or headphones



☐ Multiple Post-It notes

☐ Colored correcting pens

☐ One pair of scissors

☐ Pencil Pouch (NO CASES)

☐ One Bottle Hand Sanitizer

☐ 1 Box Kleenex

☐ One pair of scissors