Developing as an Educator

CSTP Self-Assessment

Areas of growth have been in engaging and supporting all students in learning and organizing and planning instruction. Having never taught this subject area, I spent many hours on collaborating with my colleagues to ensure lessons were not only relevant but interesting for students. I have found after reviewing both assessments that I have an opportunity to improve in assessing students for learning. The last unit we created multiple means of assessment and this will be important for all units the students are taught as not all students are test takers. 


Professional Goal

My goal beyond induction is to remain flexible as an educator. There will be shifts in methods of instruction over time as well as expectations throughout my career. It is important to be willing to alter my teaching accordingly to continue being effective in the classroom.



As a special education teacher one of the most important actions I must continue is to collaborate. I will work with general education teachers, special education teachers, administration, school psychologists, counselors and many other people to ensure we are providing the best services and instruction for students. I do not know all there is to know about special education and may never know, but through collaboration we can all learn from one another.


Maintaining Passion

Personally, I must remember that I am a lifelong learner in the teaching profession. There will always be new things to learn or create in this career. I will also need to take time for myself, often educators forget to take to themselves which leads to burn out or autopilot mode. As a professional my classroom environment will become one that encourages thinking, questioning and experimenting. My goal is for my students to leave my classroom with an open mind. 



Before you can teach anything, get to know your students as much as possible. This is incredibly crucial as an effective learning environment doesn't exist unless students feel they are in a safe place when they are in your classroom.



"Ms. Duran is a collaborative educator. She expertly provides individualized instruction to her students with special needs in small and whole group settings. Ms. Duran collaborates and co teaches with general education teachers to provide a learning experience to meet the needs of all of her students. She uses research based instructional practices and is always looking for new strategies and manipulatives for teaching math to meet the needs of all of her students."  - Ashley MacGavin, SAI Teacher