Don't lose your Marbles!

All students will have an empty cup on their desks on the first day of school.

Everytime they do something good such as, answer a question, raise your hand, share with a friend, complete a difficult task, and so on, the students will get a marble in their cup. As their cup fills up, they will pour the cup of marbles into a quart size jar with their name on it. At the end of the day, if the students have filled their jar up, they will get to put a sticker on the GREAT JOB CHART!! Marbles will never be taken away. If the student earns them, they keep them!

 Incentive Chart

When the student has ten stickers, he or she may pick a prize from the cabinet! Laughing

After the student gets another 10 stickers they get another prize. Ths is their long term goal/payoff.

In addition to putting a sticker on the GREAT JOB CHART, the student also gets to have an immediate reward/payoff at the end of the day. If the student couldn't fill up their first cup, the student will be making up homework or working one-on-one with myself or the Teacher's Aide in the area where the student is struggling.

If the student is only able to fill the cup, he or she gets to pick from a pay off that will be related to the theme or activities for the day. The activity will be fun work such as reading a book, coloring a picture related to the theme, doing a crossword puzzle with the words for the week, etc. The students that fill up their quart will choose whether they want to do the fun work with he kids that didn't fill up their quart, if they want computer time, or if they want to play with toys available in the room. Th immediate reward/payoff will be at the end of the day and will be anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how the day went.


If behavior, attitude, or incomplete school work is an issue, the clothes pins may need to be used to let the studens know they need to shape up. However, students will get multiple verbal warnings and prompts before action is taken. 

Each of these clothes pins in the picture below have a student's name on it.
When a student does something severe enough to have a pin moved, they are starting to tread on thin ice.
Orange is their last warning and they are instructed to shape up.
If the pin is moved to the Red, the following will occur:

  • They will be given a slip of paper that lists what the offence was.
  • The student must bring home the slip and get their parent's signature.
  • The student must write down three alternatives to their behavior on the back of the slip of paper or have myself or the Teacher's Aid write them down for the child as he or she comes up with the ideas.
  • The student will not get to participate in payoffs until the slip is signed by their parents/guardians.
  • If the student is having a rough day, it is possible to get multiple slips sent home to the parents.

 We hope that the Red area will not be used and that no parent receives a behavior/attitude slip.

                            clothes line


At the end of each day, one student from the class who has been exceptional, will be given an award or certificate. At the end of each month, students who have been exceptional will be given a certificate and will get to be the student of the month for the following month. Students can bring their awards/certificates home and share their accomplishments. Certificates will go to students with perfect attendance, students who have never had to take a behavior/attitude slip, the student who has been the biggest leader in the class, the student who has done something exceptional such as going out of his or her way to help another student, and the students who have A's in the class, etc. I hope each student gets to take home a certificate each week!!