Our Classroom

Classroom Rules:

1. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

2. Raise a quiet hand and wait to be called on.

3. Stay in your seat.

4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

5. Use kind Words.

Behavior Plan:

Consequences include: two verbal warnings, followed by a color change to yellow (warning). Next, the student will change his/her color to blue (time-out). The final consequence is a color change to red (a note/call home).

Rewards include: verbal praise, Bear-Hug notes home, stickers, lunch with the teacherĀ and class dollars (to be used to purchase prizes from the class store).

Daily Scedule:

To be determined...


Please send a nutricious snack to school each day. Please do not send anything messy or that needs to be eaten with utensils. Some healthy options include: carrot sticks, apple slices, pretzels, cheese, or crackers. DO NOT send in cookies, candy or other sweets.

We will be accepting snack donations. We could use a bag or box of animal crackers, popcorn, cheese-its, or pretzels. These snacks would be used for the entire class on special occasions or distributed to students who occasionally forget to bring their own snack.

Daily Folder:

Your child will be bringing home a green folder daily. It must be returned to school each day. One pocket in the folder is labled Take Home Leave Home. The papers in this pocket will include daily class work and memos/reminders for parents. Please take all of the papers out of this pocket daily and keep them at home. The other pocket is labled Bring Back. The papers in this pocket will include assessments, school forms and incomplete or unsatisfactory class work. Please review, sign and return these papers to school the next day.


Your child will recieve homework folder and bag of supplies at the beginning of the school year. Please keep these items in a safe place at home, perhaps a desk or quiet work area. Each week the stduents will recieve a Homework Menu that lists the spelling words, as well as, an assignment for each night of the week. Please keep all of the papers/assignments in the homework folder until Thursday evening. When all assignments are complete, staple them to the Homework Menu, the parent will sign the menu and then place it in the daily folder. The homework is due every Friday morning. If there is no school on Friday, homework will be due on Thursday of that week. If your child is absent, please return it the following Monday or the next day that the child returns to school.

Homework is a review of what has been previously taught in the classroom. Therefore, it should be done independently. Then reviewed with a parent. A homework slip will go home every Friday with comments. If the homework was incomplete or missing then a parent must sign the slip and return it on Monday with the completed homework.

Please incorporate 15-20 minutes of reading each night as part of your child's homework routine. This reading time can involve you reading to your child and/or your child reading to you. Reading is the key to success in first grade!


Please send money to school in a sealed envelope. The outside should include the following information:

Child's name, Amount of money enclosed, Purpose (i.e. lunch, field trip, etc.), and Teacher's name (Bottongino)


If you choose to send in treats to celebrate your child's birthday, please send in enough for the entire class (22 students). In addition, it is School Board policy that the treatsĀ  be store bought. Treats may be dropped off in the front office at the beginning of the day for distribution at the teacher's convenience or during our class lunch time. Thanks!