class rules

  • Be appropriate
  • Follow all hallway procedures, group work procedures and rules of Cousins Middle School and Newton County Schools (in the student handbook) while in the school and during school events. Remember the following expectations are in addition to the rules and expectations outlined in the student handbook. Please read the student handbook so you are familiar with these rules.
  • Bring all necessary materials to class, these include: textbook, a three ring notebook for science class, a spiral notebook(to be left in class), lined paper, pencil with eraser, appropriate reading material as assigned, and agenda.
  • You are expected to attempt all assignments and homework too.
  • Turn in all assignments unless directed otherwise
  • Plan to spend the full period on science!
  • Please ask for help when you need more information and when you have not been able to figure things out. I stay on Wednesdays until 5pm for additional help. I must have a note from your parent by Homeroom on Wednesday in order for you to stay.
  • Make sure your work area is clean and help put your row/group in order before leaving.
  • Please remove hats, check your shirt, and spit out gum/candy when entering the room.  
  • Expect to be successful: Regular attendance, finishing homework, and staying on task will earn you a passing grade in my class.
  • Expect to be asked frequently to read, to write, and to think. You will become happier as your skill with science increases. Thinking is hard work, but doing hard work shows you are growing and maturing as a person.