Civil Rights WebQuest

Use the following web sites to answer the questions on the worksheet handed out in class.


The Clinton 12 -

Gov. Frank Clement -

Little Rock Nine -

Sit Ins -

Nashville Lunch Counters -

Freedom Riders -

James Meredith -

Birmingham, Alabama -

Birmingham Pictures -

March on Washington - (it is on this website)

Mississippi Burning -

Civil Rights Act of 1964 -  You can click on transcript of document to answer questions

Voting Rights Act of 1965 -

Civil Rights Act of 1968 -

Albert Gore, Sr. Albert Gore is perhaps best remembered by Tennesseeans for his stand on Civil Rights.  His refusal to sign the Southern Manifesto and his support of almost all the Civil Rights Acts during his tenure angered and alienated many Tennesseeans and Southerners in this period of massive resistance.  Gore was a self-styled southern moderate, not a radical or liberal; however as Gore admits, "this hot and reancid political stuff was an open invitation to extremism, which made moderation a hazardous political course.  While Gore voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he supported every other piece of Civil Rights legislation from 1953 - 1970.  His "no" vote came only after his amendment opposing cut-off federal funds to schools and hospitals failed.  As a former teacher and school superintendend, Gore felt he could not support legislation that would penalize children and the sick for bureaucratic failure to comply. 

C. estes Kefauver -

Black Power of 1965 - Malcolm X -

Black Panthers -

Stokely Carmichael -

Anti-civil Rights Eugene "Bull" Conner -

Strom Thurmond -

George Wallace -

George Wallace -

Miranda v. Arizona -

Gideon vs. Wainwright (1963)

Escobedo v. Illinois

Ruby Bridges -

Medgar Evans -