Mrs. Brown's Team Leader Class

A Christmas Carol: Introductory Webquest

A Christmas Carol Webquest:  


1.  Pick a partner. Make sure you pick someone you can count on because this assignment is due in two days. If you want to, you may choose to work alone.

2.  Answer the following questions by visiting various sites on the Internet. 

3.  Make sure to write out the answers in full sentences. Hand in to the teacher for a grade.



1. The story takes place during the Victorian Era - a period of history from 1837-1901 during the reign of the Queen Victoria. Where is Camden Town located? Be specific.


2.Tiny Tim was a little boy who had an illness which made it difficult for him to walk without a crutch. What disease did he have? Hint: scroll down to Tiny Tim’s Ailment. 


3. When Scrooge is asked to donate money to the poor, he refuses and asks, “Are there no prisons? And Union workhouses?” What is a Union Workhouse? Check out to get information about workhouses:


4. ?Plum Pudding is a treat mentioned in A Christmas Carol. What are their main ingredients? What did they make it in? . The information can be found in the left column. Scroll down – you’ll find it!
5. Create a list of at least 3 hardships that child laborers (Working Children) faced during Victorian Times.
6.Back in the Victorian era, their coins were called: pound, shilling, and pence. Scrooge paid his worker “fifteen shilling a week.” What could you buy with that? Scroll down to find “Fifteen Bob a week”  Also, use Google to convert 15 shillings in 1845 to US dollars in 2014.

7. Back then, parlor games were played at holiday gatherings.   Go to the following website and name 3 games they played and give a summary of how each is played.


8.  Make sure you have written in full and complete sentences, and then go to the following website and see if you can survive Dickens' London: