Our Day

We are still trying to find a rhythm that works for our class schedule. Taking different things into account (tardies, speech, big brother program, specials, etc.), we have moved things around a little to try to accommodate! Here's an idea of what we're doing throughout the day. Of course, if we are having an absolute fabulous time discussing the Wild West, Social Studies may run into another time slot... but you get the idea!

8:30-8:45 Bellwork

8:45-9:00 Pledge, Prayer Requests, Prayer, any class "business", Review bell work

9-9:45 Math (We are trying this earlier in the day to get in a little more uninterrupted time for Language Arts, but we'll see how this goes!)

9:45 finishing up math lesson, may take out snacks at this time

10:00 all snacks are cleaned up, and the children go to specials (music/pe)

10:30 Bible time, unless its a Music day, then we have recess

10:45-11:30 Social Studies/Science. Right now, we're focusing on Westward Expansion of the United States

11:30-12 Lunch

12-12:20 Read Aloud

12:20-12:45 Grammar

12:45-1:15 "Centers" We are slowly integrating a new system of centers. The Daily 5 is a Literacy program that we are slowly introducing, and "center" time will change to this, but it takes a few weeks. I can give you more information on this if you're interested... it's exciting!

1:15-1:30 handwriting

1:30-2:30 reading/guided reading groups/independent practice

Then it's time to clean up the room, pack up, (maybe fit in some silent speedball) and go home!