Weekly Homework

Due Date: 05/14/2010
Spelling Words: We are reviewing all spelling words for the year. There will be a test every day. Once a list is mastered, it does not need to be taken again. This will be the spelling for the next few weeks. Students will be working to pass this master test and earn an ice cream party.
Look at the First grade: word wall words attachment.

High Frequency Words: watched   together   garden   sharp   baby   edge   only   enough

Phonics: vowel pairs: oi, oy, aw, au
Suffixes: -ful, -ly, y

Complete the online assignments on the following websites.


 Ticket to Read : Read a passage in your clubhouse or earn a toy part in the Toy Shop each night.

EnVision Math : Complete the lessons in your To Do List.  Take the quiz for each lesson so your score can be recorded.  The games are for fun.