We continue our first theme of Journey's with the next story, Finding the Titanic.  Robert Ballard tells the story of his high-tech search for the wreck of the Titanic.  He also tells the story of the disaster, focusing on the experience of one young girl who survived. 

Vocabulary                         Spelling                          Challenge Words

hull                                                       brush              suit                            newscast

iceberg                                                 juice               pump                         commute

shipwrecks                                           fruit                 due                           continue

survivors                                               tube               dull                            attitude

unsinkable                                            lunch              tune                          slumber

voyage                                                  crumb            blew

wreckage                                              few                trunk

                                                              true               sum

                                                              truth              glue

                                                             done               threw

**Other skills for this story include:  text organization, compound sentences, syllabication, using a thesaurus, and writing complete sentences.