Social Studies / Science

As of now, we are working in the Delaware Adventure textbook.  We have discussed latitude and longitude, hemispheres, urban, rural and suburban environments, Delaware's land regions (Piedmont, and Atlantic Coastal Plain), climate and weather.

We began Chapter 2 this week, which covers the first people in North America (the Paleo Indians, and the Archaic Indians).  We discussed nomads, and hunter-gatherers as well.  As we move through the rest of this chapter, we will talk about other Native American groups, such as the Anasazi, Mound Builders, and Eastern Woodland Indians.  We will also learn about the Indians of Delaware (Lenni Lenape and Nanticoke). 

Our first Science kit will be Land and Water, and it will begin sometime in early October.  More information will be given as we get closer to beginning that.