School News


Foundation Christian Academy is pleased to introduce a new math curriculum in grades 1-5. CLE Sunrise Math seeks to relate math to everyday life in God's World.

CLE Sunrise Math introduces concepts in progressive steps allowing the student to master each increment of a skill before advancing to the next step. Students will not face entire lessons or chapters on a single concept but will meet several simple concepts simultaneously. Students retain through consistent, systematic, and continuous review. The goal is not just exposure, but mastery.

Each grade has a series of "Light Units" featuring a theme. The theme correlates math skills to how they are used in our world. Light Units also contain regular speed drills, since fact learning is essential for ultimate mastery in math. New Material is introduced and practiced. Refresher lessons review concepts taught in prior grades while We Remember reviews are designed to ensure mastery of previously taught skills and concepts from the current school year. Just for Fun enrichment activities expose students to new concepts designed to broaden the student's exposure to math.

Approximately every 3 weeks, students will bring home a completed Light Unit which will allow you to see what has been completed in class and to review as needed. Students will also be given supplemental homework assignments to practice the new material.

Sunshine Math is an additional supplement providing an extra challenge to students who are motivated and self-directed learners. However, any student regardless of academic performance, should be encouraged to participate as long as interest and enthusiasm for problem solving are present.